Thursday, June 4, 2015

a few more from may

soooo despite all the high profile events in may, we had plenty of day to day goodness going on around here. a couple of the things i don't want to forget:

these boys are starting to play together so well, and i love coming into a room and finding them like this. so cute.

we still get out to the park every day, rain or shine. usually with friends.

mr. hudson is SO cute these days. his hair is super curly (especially right after a bath), he's talking in full sentences and he plays with / lines up his toys. he's also got a screech that can shatter glass and uses it about 100x a day when he doesn't get his way. 

jack is the best big brother. i can always count on him to help me out with hudson (or tell me when his brother is doing something bad). he sounds out words all day long, is a master lego builder, and is pumped for kindergarten next year. he's so social and is friends with every kid in his preschool; we had a parent-teacher conference last week and i was so proud to hear how well he does with paying attention and following directions. the teachers' biggest concern was that he gets a little too loud in class when he's excited. :) 

thanks to his love of ninjago, he'd been dying to try out "karate" (we ended up going with tae kwon do). eight weeks of class was all he needed to know he didn't want to do it anymore. :) it was pretty cute while it lasted; he especially liked sparring. 

one weekend we took the boys to meet friends at rigapalooza, our city's one-day event full of every type of truck you can think of -- and each one is open and available to climb inside. they were both in heaven. 

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