Monday, May 19, 2014

mother's day 2014

this year's mother's day was awesome. that holiday is definitely one of the best (since i now share my birthday, maybe THE best) days of the year for me because my boys take awesome care of me. i got to sleep in AND take a nap -- by 5 pm i felt like a million bucks, is this how normal people feel all the time?!? plus i got some really sweet cards, presents, and delicious meals made by b. not to mention i got to revel in the fact that i am a mother to these two adorable monkeys:

mother's day also marked the first time that jack sang in church! this is actually the second time the primary has sung since he's been old enough to participate, but he refused to go up the first time so mother's day was it. he was so freaking cute up there. and why yes, i did pull my phone out to snap a picture from my pew. no shame. 

b bbq'ed and after the boys went to bed we talked to b's parents and then four-way skyped with my family. technology is the greatest. 

THEN, two days later, the preschool had a mother's day tea. it was adorable; the kids sang songs, gave us presents (a finger-printed bumblebee apron) and we ate cake together. we were seated with jack's little buddy allie and her mom. 

this picture is especially heartbreaking because i just got an email on friday that our beloved teacher robyn is retiring after 14 years at the preschool! ummm...crap. 

mother's day is the best.