Wednesday, November 7, 2012

captain jack

we had a GREAT halloween this year. i would argue it was our best married halloween yet, even. i looove halloween and every year i get really excited, but for one reason or another it seems like i end up feeling let down once 10/31 rolls around. but anyway. this year was awesome.

jack dressed up as captain jack sparrow from pirates of the caribbean. i am holding onto the jack-related costumes (see also: jack-o-lantern and jack skellington) as long as i possibly can. we decided on that one because he got really into pirates over the past few months and says the cutest like "arrghh!" when he sees one, so it was pretty much a no-brainer. i bought a cheap pirate costume at target and covered his rain boots in black duct tape. the hat was the real deal -- an authentic pirates of the caribbean hat, which i bought at disney world last month, with dreadlocks i added just for the day. (i didn't buy the actual dreadlocked hat because i figured he wouldn't be into all the hair. detachable dreads are the way to go with a two-year-old. :)

we started out the day at our library's halloween-themed story time, which was actually super fun and better than anticipated. came home for lunch and to take care of a few things, then headed out to bellevue to visit b at work. all his co-workers wanted to see the little pirate, and then we went upstairs to the official microsoft party -- a full buffet spread, cookie decorating, balloon artists, face painting. it was totally legit.

but we couldn't stay long because a.) all the halloween decorations were freaking jack out and b.) we had a date in queen anne! we met up with our friends in seattle and took the kiddos trick-or-treating in the adorable queen anne downtown. it was just the right amount of trick-or-treating for jack -- which is to say, not that much. :)

it rained all day, naturally, but let up for a few minutes while we were out. jack got the hang of asking for candy pretty quick.

i think seattle in the fall is my favorite season. i can never get over the red trees! so pretty. after we walked the block, we headed back to the davis' house for cuban sandwiches, toddler bedtimes and a rousing zombie flick. the best way to spend a halloween. :)