Monday, March 31, 2008

cupcake pops WHAT

fyi...we moved. my back hurts, the apartment is a nightmarish maze of half-unpacked boxes, we have directv but no internet, things are working. detailed blog to come.

but for now i just have to say MODED because when i made my cake pop things everyone in our ward looked at me like i was crazy. but too bad the person i got them from is going to take her little pops on martha stewart this week for cupcake week: granted mine weren't this cute but still...i know a good idea when i see one. guess i'm not so crazy after all :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

peace out hauser blvd.

so we're moving in less than 48 hours. and what am i doing with my valuable, limited time instead of packing up boxes? blogging about my soon-to-be-past apartment. naturally.

the house doesn't really look like this anymore because i have actually made some packing progress (haven't started on the kitchen scares me), but here's a last look at our very first married apartment:

this is our window. we're in the front of the know, so we can hear all the sirens and car alarms that much better. please note the bars.

front room. not going to lie, i have loved the high ceilings, arched doorways and taupe paint job.

"entertainment center." this is what you get if you aren't ready to buy a big tv. you'll also notice the peeling paint on our heater...a little cracks off every time we run it, which is often since it's cold and we have no insulation :)

my big roomie kitchen. with great tile countertops. i shall miss you.

the bedroom with the panels i made from material in the garment district. i love crafts.

onto bigger and better...and whiter walls :(

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


so i have some things to tell. these aren't your average everyday confessions, like that today i bought my third bag of peanut butter m&ms for the week (come on, if everything in your work vending machine cost 25 cents, you would too) or that i sadly sadly forgot to tivo american idol last night (don't worry, i already saw david cook on youtube). okay, here we go.

first of all...i accidentally left some broccoli in the fridge at work like two weeks ago. i remembered it today and dumped it out in the trash and it SMELLED. then i put the tup tup back in the fridge so i could bring it home today. when i went back in the kitchen around 3 p.m. on my daily snack pilgrimage, the whole place totally reeked. one of my co workers was in there and said "geez, doesn't it smell in here?" and i said "uh...yes. that's gross. maybe it's the trash can?" thinking maybe i could help solve the problem without being guilty. i even volunteered to email the office manager to let her know of the problem (still trying to right my wrong here, but i was still embarassed). she wrote us back and said it's not the trash, it's the fridge, and they're getting a clean up crew together to fix it. LOL. too bad i ended up forgetting the tup AGAIN so it's still fermenting in the fridge. yucky.

okay, now for the good one. last night i gave blood at a stake blood drive, and i recognized this one girl in there. i had never met her before in my life -- i recognized her from blog stalking! she's a friend-of-a-friend (only once removed, so i guess it's not that bad), i can't even tell you which friend because it could be YOU. i tried not to stare at her but it was like running into a celebrity, i was so excited. i read her blog because i think she and her husband are really hip and cool, so it's only natural that i was intrigued.

so i gave my blood and saw her and her husband sitting at the recovery table, and after i was done i went over and sat near them and we struck up a conversation. too bad i got up too fast (i was also recovering from another migraine) and almost threw up all over myself (and i can't even tell you how quickly my first thought was NO! not in front of the blog friends!)...this girl helped me stand up and put me back into one of the recliner chairs. (the blood people made me lay down for another 30 min. and drink 8 oz. of water, and i was nauseous all night long and barely slept, but that's another story) brandon came and sat with me and the four of us chatted some more...i tried to be interested in what she was saying but really i already knew all about them, what they both do for a living, where they live etc. in fact i probably could have told THEM things about themselves that they barely know. freaky, yes?

this was my first in-person blog-stalking experience. i didn't let on at all...i didn't even tell brandon until we were in the car. he thought i should have said something (while toning down the stalker part of course) but i tried to explain to him that this whole blog-stalking phenomenon is still in the beginner phases, and that society hasn't decided yet if it's okay to share that info or if it's just creepy. so i'm still holding out. but let me tell you, i felt so sleuthy and secretive. it was awesome.

so because those two hilariously awkward things have happened in the past 24 hours, i had to share. i feel so much better now :) what do you think? should i have fessed up (in either instance)?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the target effect

have i been blogging too much lately? i'll be the first to admit that i'm a pretty nerdy person, but it's getting scary when every time we do anything i think "this will be a great blog." and i mean anything. you're just lucky i'm not blogging about the fabulous french bread bbq chicken pizza i made tonight.

erica (the new blogger i announced earlier today) said she was determined to "have a life" even though she has a blog now, i guess because she assumes bloggers don't have lives. oh contrere, my friend...we blog BECAUSE we have lives, not because we don't. the best blogs are those that share the greatest events in life :)

now to the point of my post...apparently i get all my blog ideas from jennifer stock, because a while ago she wrote about how much money it costs her for every ten minutes or so spent at target. then she challenged readers to see what they spent when they went there. when i read it all i thought was, hey, i love target too! until tonight.

i had three things on my list for target tonight: cereal, a pot for our plant, and ziploc baggies. THREE. brandon hates going to target with me because i always end up in the clothes department, or the shoe department, or the kitchen department, etc. (actually our store is undergoing renovation currently...the entrance used to be right at the women's clothes which was VERY unfortunate for my budget, but now i enter near the stationary -- almost as dangerous but easier to avoid -- and have to walk around to get to the clothes). so tonight when i said "i have to get three things" he rolled his eyes. he is very smart.

we were in the store for approximately 20 min. and i came home with the following: two boxes of cereal (check! p.s. kashi is SO CHEAP at target, less than trader joe's!), a pot for our plant (check!), ziploc baggies (check!), family size wheat thins, packing tape, oreos (you know, because we just bought another bag five days ago and have already polished them off) and a two-pack of paper towels. all for a total of $28.92, meaning i average about $15 for every ten minutes i spend there.

also, just so you know i can hold back, at various points in our trip i picked up chinese lamps for our new balcony, yoplait yogurt, a dress, a purse and some easter candy but opted out of all of them. obviously with the move in t-minus 8 days (!!) we are trying to avoid stocking up on unnecessary items that we'll just have to pack and take to pasadena anyway. brandon said i could come back after we move, which is fortunate because i love love the pasadena target and that will give me an excuse to make my first trip.

and that is all. i hope all of you feel the love for target because it is truly the greatest. xoxo

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


this is the freaking funniest video i've ever seen...the st. patricks day goodness just keeps going in the wells household.

Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patrick's day!

it's officially st. paddy's day...i wore green, avoided the green beer at the company party, and saw THESE awesome guys on the street:

here's to the luck of the irish!

more tag

my friend jennifer stock did not actually tag me on this (what is it with me always tagging myself? sorry megan, you really did tag me, but i wasn't reading any good books and didn't feel creative at the time :) but on my wake-me-up walk this afternoon i started thinking of all the answers i could put. so here you go.

20 Years Ago (March 1988) - uh...i was four years old. LOL. i don't remember too much about this time period, but judging by the date i could tell you i had been a big sister for just over two weeks (little rachie was born on march 6, 1988). i loved to read and "play pretend" and my best friend's name was also lindsay. i wore glasses and had curly blond hair...and i liked to talk.

10 Years Ago (March 1998) – i was 13, in 8th grade. i believe this time period has been referenced in previous posts...junior high was a very awkward phase. i ditched the glasses, got braces (which were unfortunately colored for halloween at school picture time...lovely memories entombed for all to see), got a sassy attitude and loved (we're talking LOVED) jonathan taylor thomas. i also babysat for a bunch of families in the ward to make some extra cash.

5 Years Ago (March 2003) – i was 18 years old and LIVING IT UP in my freshman year of college. i lived on the 4th floor of DT's S hall with all of my best friends and averaged three hours of sleep a night. i loved midnight trips to wendy's, going to shows (this was the heyday of my punk phase), IMing all day and night and buying whatever i wanted with my dining plus card. i was the 4th ward publicity chairman (preparing me for my future career, perhaps?), managed a 3.6 first semester (a 2.8 second sememster...all that partying caught up to me ;) and loved to eat ice cream waffles. ahh...freshman year. that was seriously the best time of my life. which may or may not have set me up for a major catastrophic episode of depression and anxiety at the beginning of my sophomore year, when i came back to reality :)

3 Years Ago ( March 2005) – i was a junior in college, doing everything i could to set myself up for the greatest senior year ever. i worked at the marketplace cafe in the tanner building as a student manager, making the most phenomenal panini sandwiches on the planet. i was living in the glenwood for the second year (don't ask me why we stayed after the leak above us dumped pee through all our light fixtures one night), i met my BFF brittany karford (and still lived with my since-freshman-year BFFs lacy & sami), i was secretary for BYU PRSSA and not dating at all (probably a good thing since it was also around that time i had a crush on a guy with star tattoos on his arms).

1 Year Ago (March 2007) – i had been married for six months and loved our routine -- go to work for eight hours, come home and cook dinner, go to the gym and watch one of our favorite TV shows. we had just gotten our dresser and nightstands so i stopped crying about living out of boxes. brandon and i did the dishes together every night by hand because we didn't have a diswasher. i was working at golinharris (where i still work) and wondering how i would ever make it through even ONE YEAR at the same job (still adjusting to leaving the college timeframe). i was the ward activities director and we were trying to figure out where we fit in a ward full of crazies and people totally different from us.

So Far This Year (2008) – i've booked plane tickets to europe, found a new apartment, chopped off all my hair and thought about making some big changes. i'm serving as 2nd counselor in young women and LOVE it...and i officially love our crazy ward. i've dealt with big girl things like work pressure, shattered windshields and family drama. i'm now a sucker for (quality) reality TV and i still love to bake and cook. and i'm excited to see what happens to us next!

Yesterday – was sunday, my favorite day of the week. we gave a lady a ride to church, i told my young women that i'm moving, we took a nap at our favorite park in beverly hills, i read a bunch of church stuff and made brandon finish "singles ward," we made a list of everything we have to do before we move, i cooked dinner and ate WAY too much sugar. then brandon made his amazing homemade hot chocolate, i drank it, and just about threw up. when will i learn to regulate my sugar intake? then i packed our lunches for today and went to bed early.

Today – i got up early and went to work an hour early. i felt on top of my work for the first time in a month. i read blogs on my little self-imposed breaks. i hit a sleepy wall around 2 p.m. and had to take myself out for a walk to wake up, but it was crazy windy in downtown today. i ate green jelly beans at our office st. patricks day party. i left work on time and came home and cooked pesto chicken, garlic mashed potatoes (spray painted green with my awesome spray food coloring), green beans and mini grasshopper sundaes for dessert. i burned the crap out of my thumb when i forgot how hot the oven was and tried to pull the chicken out with my bare hands. hopefully now i will go to the gym, watch jon & kate and get some quality time in with my hubby.

Tomorrow – i have two meetings at yamaha and can't figure out what dressy clothes are clean enough to wear. i need to go grocery shopping to get a couple things. i need to cross more things off on my to do list and pick up some empty boxes our friends have saved for us. and i need to stop eating so much dang sugar!

This year – will be amazing. i'm looking forward to moving to pasadena, to seeing my sister get married, to visiting "the motherland" of germany and meeting all the people brandon knows from his mission, to getting promoted. i hope to find ways to help other people and fun new adventures to explore with brandon.

i tag kelly, angela, erica, megan and my SEESTA...and anyone else who wants to play!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

griffith observatory

i decided we need to take better advantage of our local surroundings know, while things are five miles away, as opposed to when they'll be 10 miles away. :) first up on the list: the griffith observatory and the hollywood sign.

you may recognize this place from transformers because it's where optimus prime hangs out at the end. :) it is a really cool place that's been around since the 40s, up in the hills -- i've always wanted to go but oddly enough had never taken a trip.


that's me with my work in the background :)

it was a beautiful so cal day (although it's supposed to rain tonight) and we got some awesome views. we learned all about phases of the moon, the solar system and seasons and got to watch a cool movie, projected right on the inner dome of the planetarium, about the history of astronomy.

i had read about a hike directly from the griff to the hollywood sign and was really excited to try it out, but it ended up being waaaaay longer than anticipated. we hiked up a few miles and got pretty close (naturally i stopped taking pictures by then and don't have anything good to show :( boo), but decided to forego the rest of the way because only people on horses took were going that far.

cloudy view from the top.

and that's all that's new at the wells household. except that we are so so excited to move! yesterday we picked up our keys and signed all the final paperwork...brandon has to take the GMAT next saturday, but then the week after that we'll be officially out of here. yay for pasadena, it's $3 movie theaters, pinkberry and close proximity to the paper source.

recent events

so lately i've been reading a bunch of articles that make me the point of feeling total and utter disgust for the reality in which we live. let me share with you some of my recent thoughts, in hopes that you will not become disillusioned but can maybe share some hope with me.

the week started off by reading an article about how one in four teenage american girls has an STD. that just gives me SO much hope for the future of this nation. then there was the all-enlightening NY governor help all of american grasp the professional duty of prostitutes, the today show interviewed a former "call girl"...i'm not going to lie, this article was about as sickeningly interesting as a fiery car wreck where you just can't look away. the woman in question tells about how she turned to prostitution and ended up meeting amazing men and going on great trips. never once in her explanation of how she chose that job does she mention any type of moral struggle in deciding what to do. it was more of a "i need money and this is a quick way to get it"...did her parents never teach her ANY morals at all?

but wait, it gets better. next up (you might wonder where i find all work home page is msn and i like to stay up on the news :) was a story about how that TLC show "secret life of a soccer mom" or whatever (i haven't watched it, i just saw commercials during jon & kate) is creating all this outrage among stay at home moms. i guess on the show they let SAHMs try out the career they left behind and then sometimes they get the option to go back to work full time, and all these fellow SAHMs are fit to be tied saying how horrible it will be for their kids, how it will tear the families apart having mom go back to work, etc. if i had to pick a side i would honestly say i feel like moms have a better role to play in the home, but this article really did make me laugh. as soon as i read the title i thought the working moms would be showing outrage for the SAHMs, but it was just the opposite. maybe it's just cause i'm in CA but i would say 90% of the women execs in my company are moms who work at least 50+ hour weeks. brandon and i have pondered at length why these women even decided to have kids when obviously their work comes first.

on a similar tangent, in good housekeeping this month (yes i read good housekeeping, though i realize i'm still a good 10 years shy of inclusion in their normal readership demographic...that didn't stop me from loving GH when i was 7 and needed something fun to read at my grandma's house, and it won't stop me now) they interviewed a series of women who have recently lost weight. one lady said her turning point in motivation to get healthy was when her 1-year-old ate a french fry at mcdonalds because "that's what he saw his mom doing," and she decided she was setting a bad example. NOT TO MENTION the fact that she was taking a one year old to mcdonalds in the first place! seriously. and while we're on the topic, can't forget to mention how those stupid weight loss articles have given me a major complex (once again, maybe because i started reading them at age 7) because when those women list off their bad weight-gaining habits (snacking throughout the day, having more than one dessert, etc.) i start to freak out and think that because i do those things too i will somehow explode into a 200-pound woman who can't go up a flight of stairs without breathing heavily. even though i still weigh the same as i did when i graduated from high school. thanks for the inklings of eating disorders, GH!

basically...i am just so frustrated with the media for their desire to push the envelope, and with our society for never standing up for anything and just letting popular opinion sway what they think is right. sorry for the negativity...i guess in the long run these experiences are positive overall because they make me realize how glad i am for the peace and happiness in my life that has come because i've tried to stand up for my beliefs. i just feel bad for everyone else out there who is so confused.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

make it work.

so my car got fixed...tiny pieces of glass keep turning up everywhere, like on my bedroom floor where it then gets lodged so far into my foot that i bleed, or "inside the body of the car," according to the little man who gave me a new window. every time i brake quickly or make a swift turn i hear all the pieces move around; it's like driving a giant rattle.

okay, where do i even begin in my analysis of last night's american idol?? first of all i have to say that TV is beginning to seriously consume my life. i miss the good old days where the only things i paid attention to on tv were the office and LOST. now i'm fully booked almost every night (a little freed up now thanks to project runway being over...i'm scared to check out top chef because i'm fairly certain i'll love it). anyone out there not tuning in to jon & kate + 8, fans vs. favorites survivor or american idol is SERIOUSLY missing out.

so i fully love that rocker guy. he didn't really do it for me at first with his weird two-toned wispy hair and style and all that until last week with his lionel richie cover and incredible emo scream. LOVE him. he did pretty well last night again.

that blonde girl who looks like carrie underwood was AWFUL. don't you think her arrangement of that song sounded like one of those toys that starts spinning faster and faster until all the sudden it explodes? also i hated the gay stripper and i think he needs to go home. AND...i felt bad for little archie. maybe he's too young to "get" the beatles? oh well, now we know he's not perfect.

and another thing...have i said that i think jason castro looks like a chick? he did make me smile in his little interview, though -- he has a cute personality. did anyone else notice the flies buzzing around his head during the taped stuff? HAHA. he's just like pigpen from the peanuts...but with dreads. that look gross.

LOL i can't believe i'm writing a blog about american idol. this show does something to people.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

a weekend in arizona and a crappy homecoming

so last week brandon found out he needed to go to scottsdale AZ on friday to staff a nintendo event, but his boss said i could go too (as long as i paid my own way of course). we have family on both sides in the greater phoenix area, and we've been in dire need of a little non-work couple time, so we decided to make a long weekend out of it and spontaneously booked tickets to the valley of the sun.

LOL...he's much cooler than this is real life, i swear :)

(i was pretty stoked to be going to a warm place...imagine my surprise when it turned out to be warmer in so cal this weekend than it was in AZ. sad face.)

we stayed at a nice hotel for the event, the scottsdale plaza hotel. it was pretty and had a bunch of resident rabbits running cute. brandon staffed a video game tournament for a new baseball game for the was open for viewing to the public, but everyone who participated in the tourney were MLB players in town for spring training. i'm not a huge baseball person (i like to say i have enough room in my brain for knowledge of only one sport, and these days it's still football) but ESPN was there and i'm guessing lots of these guys are famous. it was fun.

we spent the rest of the weekend visiting my grandparents, aunt & uncle, and brandon's aunt & uncle. we had a lot of fun...and we are definitely considering making AZ our future home (or at least for a while, if brandon's plan to go to ASU for MBA school hold true).

so tonight we flew home...we actually left AZ on time (on time flights are rare for me these days), the plane caught one of those tailwind things and we got home earlier than planned, i was so happy to have time to unwind tonight before work tomorrow...and when we reached our car in the parking lot we found this:

yep, that's my back windshield, totally shattered. AWESOME. welcome home.

p.s. i already know this week will be nuts so please don't be offended if i don't return your emails promptly, friends. i do miss you all though!!! xoxo

Thursday, March 6, 2008

more letters

dear christian siriano,
you were definitely FIERCE but i still would prefer to wear jillian's designs.

dear prius drivers, (sidenote: the plural of "prius" is actually "prius." not prii, not priuses. this is what you talk about all day when you work for toyota.)
i fully understand you're trying to keep your vehicle speed low so you can prevent it from switching from battery power to engine power, but SERIOUSLY. stay in the slow lane if you're going to drive so dang slow.

dear carrie underwood,
okay this is getting sad. first i miss out on buying affordable (<$200) tickets to your concert this month with keith urban, but NOW you sign up to come to the stagecoach festival and you're playing on SUNDAY! i am a huge fan but apparently not huge this payback for not watching you on american idol?

speaking of american idol: dear american idol,
i wouldn't consider myself a die-hard fan but i am loving the season this year. (maybe cause of all the mormons...REPRESENT!) except can you please explain to me why TWO of your guy singers look like chicks? it is very distracting; please vote them both out.

dear girl scout cookies,
i find myself concerned when i'm eating you at 9 a.m. most days, but you are just too good to pass up.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


so in january i wrote something like 16 posts...and in feb i wrote like 7. and i'm thinking march won't be too much more exciting than that. haha. we have just been SO BUSY. i always thought people who said they were too busy to get things done just weren't working hard enough -- HA! life decided to smack me upside the head with some irony.

one thing that's been going on (anxiety & migraine-causing type of going ons, nothing exciting) is sort of still secret and i can't really post about it. maybe i'll have updates on that for you soon.

in other news, brandon and i have become workaholics and it sucks. thank heaven for weekends is all i have to say about that. my engaged sister was down for a few days so yesterday we went wedding dress shopping and i am proud to report that she beat my previous wedding bargain deal: $75 at the jessica mcclintock outlet! (my wedding dress was $99, but hers will need altering and sleeves put on so i still win :)

next weekend we are spontaneously going to arizona so i'll have more on that soon. today was our second-to-last sunday in our ward (after not being there for three weeks...i like to say we're phasing ourselves out :) and i am seriously going to miss it. we have just met the most awesome, loving people there and it has truly been a great experience. and now i can say i have friends from every continent :)

by popular demand, here's the recipe for my chocolate molten lava cake. FYI i have another very tenacious baking project in the works this week so stay tuned!


prep time: 15 min.
total time: 29 min.

4 squares Baker's semi-sweet baking chocolate
1/2 c. butter
1 c. powdered sugar
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
6 tbsp. flour

preheat oven to 425. butter 4 (3/4 c.) custard cups or souffle dishes; place on baking sheet.

microwave chocolate and butter in large microwaveable bowl 1 min. or until butter is melted. stir with wire whisk until chocolate is completely melted. stir in sugar until well blended; whisk in eggs and egg yolks. stir in flour. divide batter between prepared custard cups.

bake 13 to 14 min. or until sides are firm but centers are soft. run a knife around cakes to loosen; invert dessert dishes. serve immediately.

(side note: i was really nervous to make these as they are our FAVE dessert. i've eaten these babies at a variety of upscale restaurants in my day and brandon and i consider ourselves connoiseurs, so there was a lot riding on it. the cakes did NOT stay in tact when i flipped them, even though i sacrificed my fingerprints to hold the scalding hot bowls upside down, but they tasted amazing. so that's really all that matters right? good luck if you make them -- let me know how they turn out!)