Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cool stuff

last night we were making our bi-weekly target run and i turned from examining english muffins and frozen chicken strips [SO delicious, btw -- those chicken strips taste just like my favorite ones from tgi fridays, sans the yummy jack daniels sauce] and i saw this guy plastered to the side of the freezer:

this is my friend daniel. we went to elementary school, junior high and high school together but i lost track of him around 10th grade. he was always one of my favorite people -- even though all the other girls fawned all over him [for obvious reasons], we were just always buddies and did algebra homework together.

and NOW he is a model. i saw his giant face painted all over life-size gap ads for the first time when i lived in nyc and had a minor heart attack right in the middle of 42nd street. since then i've gotten used to it. i've spotted him in j crew ads and most recently target. yay for daniel!

then we proceeded to purchase seven packs of gum, a personal record. why, you ask? because they were on sale! and also we love gum. and -- we've discovered a new flavor of orbit and IT was on sale too!

i've always loved orbit gum, mostly because of it's yummy flavors and it's lovely packaging. but these new mist flavors [while verging on being too sour for my tastes] take it to a whole new level! i've been saving my gum wrappers -- i think i'm going to use them to make a card one of these days.

in other news:
- the price of stamps goes up again in a few weeks, so go buy your forever stamps now.
- i went to the dentist today and encountered a brutal dental hygienist who repeatedly stabbed my non-flossed gums until my mouth filled with blood.
- i started out the week terrified of the swine flu but now [ironically, because the WHO caution level is now at a FIVE] i have resigned myself to the fact that if i didn't care enough to get a flu shot this year, i must not be that susceptible to the flu and therefore will take it if it comes. but if ONE person in my office shows flu-like symptoms, sorry tracy -- i'm working from home until further notice.
- look what i did to my cutie tangerine/orange!

"she could peel an apple in one long, curly strip." -- tom hanks, sleepless in seattle
[i can't do the apple -- i've tried, numerous times -- but i CAN do the cutie! yesss.]

and lastly, ONE WEEK till my mini stay-cation. that is all. happy wednesday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the chair

on thursday night, we rode the train home from the farmer's market. while walking home from the train station, we saw a blue armchair on the side of the road -- it was in perfect condition and looked good. so good, in fact, that i couldn't decide if it had been left there as a giveaway or if someone was just in the process of moving it.

we went home and i forgot about the chair. later that night, right in the middle of 30 rock, b said "hey! i wonder if that chair is still there!" it had been about three hours since we'd seen it, so i figured if it was still there it was now free game. so we hopped in the car.

and there it was! we were excited. i have no shame when it comes to picking up furniture -- our coffee table, in fact, was rescued from someone's front lawn on trash night a month before we got married. it took a while to figure out how to get it in the car [i ended up riding home in the trunk -- a first for me -- holding onto the chair with one arm and my forehead. fun times] but we made it home in one piece.

so now we have the chair. and i think i want to put it back out on the street:

i sort of like the color, but don't like how it looks with our other furniture. i sort of like the artsy two-sided back instead of the regular three-sided version, but mostly don't. i sort of like finally having another thing to sit on besides our couch, but our front room just feels awkward now that it's there.

b says i should open it up for discussion on this blog and let you guys decide if it stays or goes. what do you think? [and am i a robber for taking this chair after only three hours?]

date night

thursdays are always "date night" in our house [although i suppose EVERY night is actually date night for us seeing as how we don't have kids and end up doing whatever we want most nights anyway] -- we started calling them that a while back because all of our favorite shows -- survivor, 30 rock, the office and formerly scrubs -- are all on that night.

date night mostly means we don't go to the gym and instead park it in front of the tv for a good three-hour stretch. b also tries to leave work at a normal hour and i try to actually cook something for dinner that doesn't come from a box. but once in a while we actually DO something on thursdays.

case in point: this week. south pasadena has a little farmer's market every thursday right in their old town area, possibly one of the cutest streets around. we can see it from the train each week and i have always wanted to go. this week, the stars aligned -- we left work on time and together, we had no other planned activities and it was still light outside when we got there. [sorry for the crappy quality photos -- left the camera at home, so these are all from b's phone.]

the street was fullll of people [mostly yappy small children, ugh, but plenty of young couples like ourselves as well] and we had a delightful time browsing all the booths. there used to be a farmer's market on our street in downtown every wednesday so i've become accustomed to the puny fruit and flower stands [and stealing strawberries and pear slices from the sample cart :) ], but this one was WAY better! they sold sprouts and kale and rhubarb and salted caramel ice cream [which was DELICIOUS, if you're wondering] and corn on the cob and orchids and other amazing things.

for dinner, i went with my normal standby of tacos:

and b opted for peruvian:

we sat on a rock and ate our food and enjoyed the evening -- it was a little cold that night, but other than that it was everything we hoped for. i love date night! then we came home and watched our shows and stole a chair off the side of the road, but that is a story for another post.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the homies

i have a ridiculously acute sense of smell. i owe this to my dad, who used to tell me upon entering the car to go to church on sundays exactly what scent perfume, lip gloss, lotion and hairspray i was wearing.

this is a nice trait to have for, say, smelling what my korean neighbors are cooking for dinner, or riding on the back of a motorcycle through georgia forests. not so nice for being near people with bad breath, cleaning out refrigerators or riding the train with homeless people.

earlier this week, we had 90+ degree temps. this means the percentage of bad smells on the train goes up exponentially each day. on tuesday, we were patiently standing in the subway waiting to leave union station when a large woman got on the train. i caught a major whiff of her and knew something was NOT right...and then had this thought reinforced five seconds later when she barked "CHINA." for no reason. just wanted to yell china in front of 50 strangers. then she sat down and started mumbling about how effing hot the train was. yep, cuckoo.

today it was cooler [cold, in fact -- aren't crazy temperature shifts like this supposed to cause earthquakes? or migraines?] but the crazy homies -- my pet name for the homeless, in case you're just now catching on -- were out in force. on the short walk to the train station we saw 1.) a man hitting a public bus with a two-by-four, 2.) another man chomping on air with his three teeth as he walked, and 3.) a guy playing long, loud notes on a trumpet but not playing any music.

pershing square seems to attract the homies, making it sort of a scary place. which brings me to tomorrow, the day the movie "the soloist" comes out. i read this book last year and liked it a lot -- it's about a homie from our very own pershing square, who was befriended by an l.a. times reporter. this guy is still alive and, i assume, still hanging out in pershing square and the 2nd st. tunnel, so every time i see an african-american homie in downtown i wonder if it's nathaniel ayers. tooootally excited to see the movie, and not just because i have a natural soft spot for anything filmed in downtown.

someday i'm going to have a ton of good stories to tell my kids about all the crazies in l.a.

Monday, April 20, 2009


so, we are really lucky because some of our favorite friends live next door. last summer, b and i noticed a new car with utah license plates parked on our street and started saying how funny it would be if that car belonged to new mormons in the area. subsequently, we met the mcmullins at church that next sunday and have since spent many many hours together playing ticket to ride, eating and watching football games.

anyway, we had them over a few weeks ago for general conference, and they brought baby henry. [side note: i was thrilled when they moved in and had no baby in sight. finally! a baby-less friend! then i found out melanie was four months pregnant. whatever. i'm getting used to it now.]

henry likes to be swaddled and we are always watching jeff wrap him up. so b decided being swaddled looked comfy and requested it also. the two boys spent conference all wrapped up, lying next to each other. jeff took a picture and it makes me laugh every time.

a. i love that b's legs stick so far out of the blanket. yep, definitely doesn't fit.
b. i love that little henry is just chillin, like this is his normal activity to hang out with other swaddled friends.
and c. CHECK IT, people! he is wearing a byu blanket!! miracles will never cease. tell that to his crazy ute-fan friends. mwahaha.

Friday, April 17, 2009

free cards pressure or anything, but i'm currently doing a giveaway on my stationery blog. the winner will get a set of eight of my handmade cards & envelopes. all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post by next friday at midnight. i'd love to give the cards to YOU!! so go enter :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

we like movies.

tonight on idol, kris allen sang "falling slowly" from the movie once -- and we freaked. that's one of our favorite movies!! we adore the soundtrack and the movie overall. [um, kris -- best song choice of the night! that's saying something, since i'm head-over-heels in love with allison AND adam.]

which reminds me. i've been meaning to blog about some awesome movies we've watched lately. ["meaning to" for like eight months because i'm pretty sure we watched "once" during the summer.] so here goes:

man on wire. it won the oscar this year for best documentary and i looooved it. the whole thing is like a suspenseful crime caper, i loved seeing the world trade center from such an intimate perspective, and "man" -- philippe petit -- is hilarious.

good bye lenin & downfall. we have a thing for german movies in this house, and both of these are awesome. one has to do with a family dealing with the end of the cold war; the other is about the last days of hitler. both are great. hope you're good at reading closed captioning :)

the burbs
. um...i had never even heard of this movie until i married b. the first time we watched it, i hated it. the second time, i could barely breathe i was laughing so hard. it's now an eternal favorite. it's from 1989, stars tom hanks and corey feldman, and involves an exploding house. need anything else?

best of all, slumdog millionaire arrived this week from my netflix queue and i can't wait to check it out. i actually wrote a series of papers in college about bollywood and the indian film industry and i have been dying to see this movie.

so, with that. any other great movie recommendations out there?

disclaimer: i try to stick only to uplifting, quality movies that make me feel good (i.e. i would rather die than watch a judd apatow movie) -- we avoid movies with lots of violence, language, sex scenes etc. some of these movies are rated R or include content i wouldn't be comfortable we wait for them to come on dvd and then watch them on our clearplay and self-edit out all the bad stuff we don't like :) it's truly brilliant. so, sorry if you watch these "uncut" and think they're a little questionable.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

i am a runner

okay, so i'm really NOT a runner. i sort of hate running and always have. but lately that's been my cardio activity of choice -- and today i ran a 5k!

i ran a 5k only one other time in my life, in college with erica, and i almost died. i don't remember much about it other than i kept wondering why i hadn't trained AT ALL. i also remember getting a sweet t-shirt, which i wore today in commemoration of that event.

this time around went pretty well. three lds churches in our area got together to plan the activity; we met up at the rose bowl at 9 a.m. i ran with niki & matt and suzy, and i only ended up walking some of the way. they weren't timing people when i got to the finish line, but i'd like to think i broke my 2005 record. [in case you were wondering, b didn't run. he babysat niki's kids and cheered for me when i came in. to quote him: "i'm trying to gain weight, not lose weight."]

getting ready to run [i lost my ipod armstrap, so i have to clip it to my pants. totally whisky tango]:

and let's be serious. the best part of the run was getting calorie-free vitamin water and a krispy kreme at the end!

i am so NOT interested in evvvvvver running a marathon, but this was pretty fun. i'd do it again. maybe i'd even run five miles sometime. i feel like i'm getting better at it and now that i am an official runner, i think i'll stick with it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

happy easter weekend!

so cal is a little too gloomy for my liking this weekend -- i prefer my easter holidays sunny and full of colorful, bright springtime flowers. but that's okay! i took care of that last part on my own, thanks to trader joes:

now, if i can just get sunday morning to turn out sunny, all will be well.

i love easter. what a hopeful holiday in all senses of the word. even the egg hunt at work and getting off early today aren't quite as good as what easter is really all about. [though reese's eggs are allllllmost right up there ;) ]

my husband is obsessed.

just an excerpt from our recent IM conversation:

lyndsey says:
what is the university of utah stadium called
Brandon says:
rice eccles stadium
lyndsey says:
lol ok good
lyndsey says:
there is a supercross race there in 2 weeks
Brandon says:
Brandon says:
we are getting new turf after that too
Brandon says:
with a big U in the middle
Brandon says:
and UTAH in the endzones
lyndsey says:
Brandon says:
the bookstore will be selling the old turf....
Brandon says:
can i get a piece?!
Brandon says:
lyndsey says:
HA. how did i know that was coming
lyndsey says:
nope, sorry
Brandon says:
Brandon says:
i will get it
lyndsey says:
if you wanted turf you shouldnt have gotten a shirt and dvd
lyndsey says:
Brandon says:
Brandon says:
i will get it
lyndsey says:
like i wouldnt notice if you came home with a giant piece of turf
Brandon says:
it won't be huge
lyndsey says:
lyndsey says:
where would you put it?
Brandon says:
probably like a 5" x 5" square
Brandon says:
on our wall
lyndsey says:
lyndsey says:
you are seriously crazy if you think you are doing that
Brandon says:
where WOULDN"T i put it?
Brandon says:
that's the question
lyndsey says:
WHAT is the point of getting all this crap
lyndsey says:
it wont go w/ you to heaven you know
lyndsey says:
waste of $$
Brandon says:
right, but it's a little piece of heaven on earth
Brandon says:
or maybe just buy all of it and instead of grass we'll have the Utah field as our yard!

b wells, ladies and gentleman.

good times.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

for all the humans out there...

when someone walks slowly in front of me, or drives slowly, or yells at their kid, or crowds me on the train, etc. etc. etc. i usually growl "i hate humans."

obviously this is not really true, but sometimes i just feel so frustrated with the human race overall. there's a lot of bad stuff going on in this world [yes, much worse than getting cut off on the freeway] and sometimes i wonder how bad things will get.

you know that anne frank quote "in spite of everything i still believe that people are really good at heart"? i think of that line a lot and i don't know if i truly agree with that. or at least i didn't use to.

but yesterday b sent me the link to this video. i was working and didnt want to watch it but he said it was amazing, so i did. and i cried.

check it out if you have time -- or if not, bookmark it and come back to it. it's kind of silly, but it just fills my heart up with so much love for ALL the people in this big world. i still tear up every time i watch it -- no matter how people act, how different we are, how spread out the world is, every single person is a child of god. maybe there really is enough good and happiness in this world to get us through.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dream come true

i know i'm like on blogger overload and stuff, but this was just too good to not share. [sort of reminiscent of that thing they did in grand central station a while back...but BETTER!]

if you remember anything about my visit to can guess that being around for something like this might just be the best thing i could ever hope to witness:

p.s. easter marks the 15th anniversary of my discovering the sound of music for the first time :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


just in case you were wondering what dinner at the payzant-wells household looks like, here you go.

tonight i made myself a dainty girlish salad; b's plate [after he'd already eaten a few bites] has cous cous, salad and a GIANT slab of lamb. yes, lamb. he cooked it himself on the bbq.

i'm pretty sure this baby is three servings in one but he downed the whole thing. this, from the man who eats thousand-calorie burgers at islands. enjoy that lightspeed metabolism while you can, honey.

morning walk

my brief spell of depression has departed [thanks in part to all of your kind words! <3] -- i'm trying to focus on what is good and positive in my life, rather than letting myself get all whiny and frustrated. part of that plan is to appreciate the little things in my daily life, which is surprisingly easy when you start to pay attention.

one of my favorite [and most taken for granted] parts of the day is my morning commute. b and i take the train into downtown every day. i am so lucky to be able to work w/ the husband; we usually have a lot of fun on our walk to the train [partly because we have made up names for most of our regularly-spotted neighbors and their dogs].

our train station is just a ten minute walk from the door of our apartment. there are so many parts of the walk that make me last week i brought the camera along to try to capture it, starting at the door of our apartment:

pasadena has the best architecture. this giant house is down the street from our complex -- it's still cool even though it's a little rundown:

how crazy blue is this sky? amazing:

and then we end up here:

we board the gold line and ride nine miles through the most amazing valleys and hills of so cal. even though i grew up close by, i never visited highland park or lincoln heights and i was seriously missing out. [let's be serious, it's not the NICEST part of town -- all the bars on the windows and lack of backyards sort of reminds me of the old hood on the west side -- but the scenery is amazing.] we can see from the san gabriel mountains to dodger stadium to chinatown to east l.a. and i marvel at the green hills and sunshine every morning. i love living here!

Friday, April 3, 2009


today sucks.

it was supposed to be my work-from-home day but our lovely laptop decided to sever its connection to the internet. after a yelling match between me & b, an hour on the phone with "tech people," various unplugging and plugging in, changing out of my sweats into real clothes and fighting a gnarly bad mood -- i was forced to drive in to work.

i have now spilled hummus on my jeans and diet coke on my shirt.
i've eaten the last THREE japanese chocolate cookies. [sorry, auto team. all gone.]
i can't focus.
i'm not winning ANY of @skydiver's trivia questions on giveaway day.
[i did, however, get an automated phone call earlier telling me -- in spanish -- that i won a million dollars. glad my high school espanol classes are paying off.]
and i still have FOUR hours left!!! blahhh.

sorry that my last two posts have been so negative. *deep breath.*
but we are okay people! all is well. this weekend is general conference [my favorite time of the year!] and i shall be rejuvenated soon enough. woot.

until then, i hope your friday is better than mine ;)