Saturday, October 26, 2013

jack's first day of school 2013

last month jack started preschool! i was a little nostalgic the night before, but the first day went great. b stayed home from work in the morning and we made a big family breakfast -- homemade pancakes and bacon -- and jack got to wear the cute airplane shirt he picked out at target. we packed up his lightning mcqueen backpack and took some pictures and it was still too early to leave for school, but jack was literally bouncing around with excitement so we had to take a little tv break to kill some time. then we loaded up the car and headed to his new school! he marched right in without looking back and has loved preschool ever since. i cried a little on the way home. ;)

at his classroom:

so proud of our big boy.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

still alive

we're still here! i've got a few posts rolling around in my head and i hope to get to them soon. hudson's crib is in our office currently, where it will stay until he's capable of sleeping through the night (judging by his present sleep habits, that will not happen until he's 5) so i can't ever get on the computer after 7 pm and it sucks. my blogging is on the backburner BUT i've got some pictures of him that are so freaking cute that it feels like a crime to keep them from the world any longer, so here you go. enjoy these until i can post something more substantial.

loving licking his baby bjorn at the pumpkin patch last week:

he clocked in at 100th percentile for head size at his 4 month appointment. how is that even possible?

swimming in california last month:

sure love this little monkey.