Monday, June 28, 2010

the last week! [i hope]

i'm 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. and still not dilated. i guess that's okay because i don't want to rush the little guy out till he's ready, but sometimes i really want to be done being pregnant. though that causes anxiety because if i'm done being pregnant, i'll have a baby who will be mine FOREVER. b and i discuss frequently how weird it will be to have a baby we can't hand back to its parent if it gets cranky -- WE are its parents. and that is scary.

we had a fun baby-free weekend. went out to eat, watched the world cup, went to the gym, bbq'ed with friends, went to the movies [i do not recommend knight & day]. i'm savoring all the couple-only time i can get.

Friday, June 25, 2010

being flexible

last night was rockies game #2 and it was a way bigger success than our previous attempt. for one thing we had great seats thanks to b's boss [like, 23rd-row-great seats], and there was NO rain...instead it was like 85 degrees until 8 p.m. and i think i sweat my brains out, but no major complaints.

proof that my giant belly was in ridic do i look? holy cow i can't wait to be normally proportioned again:

here's a fun fact about me. i was raised NEVER staying till the end of anything. concerts, sporting events, outdoor movies, whatever -- my dad hates crowds and always insisted on leaving early to "beat the rush." that has been so drummed into my head [along with other gems, like an insane need to fill my gas tank if the indicator gets below a quarter-tank, and never sitting on the arm of the couch] that as an adult i typically insist on the exact same thing.

last night the rockies played the red sox and it was a GOOD game. i think half the stadium was cheering for the sox and the score was really close...i was intrigued to see who'd win, plus we went with friends so i didn't want to spoil their fun by leaving early. we decided to stay till the end even though i thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown thinking about all the "crowds" we'd be stuck with, since the whole stadium was still full. and WHAT happened?? they freaking tied the score and we had to go into extra innings. we were sitting in front of annoying drunk fans and it was way past my bedtime and i seriously had anxiety [pathetic]...but i stuck it out.

and...the sox won :( BUT when it was time to go, guess what? the parking lot wasn't so bad. we didn't get caught in crazy traffic. and i was proud we had stayed till the end. so i guess i learned i can actually be flexible and it all works out okay. life lesson, thanks to the rockies.

p.s. today is my one-year anniversary of quitting my job in LA. sad face. since then i've lived in three states, had two jobs and grown an almost full-term fetus -- what a year! seems like just yesterday we were sitting at my farewell lunch learning michael jackson had died...such an eventful day :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

creative eating

i LOVE the corporate housing people taking care of us for the summer. i really do. but only four bowls in our supplied kitchen?? obviously these people have never encountered someone with my style of cereal consumption. we run out of bowls alllll the time. i'm starting to get desperate here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

pregnancy defiance week

had my 38 week appointment today...i'm not dilated but baby is definitely in position to get moving, so we'll see how things go. we have tickets to the rockies game on thursday so i hope he stays put till then -- but after that he is more than welcome!

in the meantime, i spent most of last week mentally denying i'm pregnant and doing plenty of things that other pregos may or may not tend to avoid. in no particular order:

+ my baby to do list is all checked off. i now spend my afternoons by the pool and it is glorious.

+ tuesday we went up to red rocks to watch princess bride with friends. i am such a sucker for outdoor movies and this did not disappoint. the crowd booed and cheered at all the right parts during the flick and we enjoyed the view of denver from the top of the mountains in our cozy pillow fort.

+ the "walk" [aka hike] up to lovely red rocks was KILLER. totally steep hills and such...i kind of thought i was going to go into labor right there on the mountain, or at least pass out from lack of oxygen. our new colorado friends had a worried look in their eye for me but b assured them i was fine. no early labor was had :)

+ saturday we went back up in the mountains to hang with my bff brittany [& husband spencer] who grew up in evergreen and was visiting for the weekend. it was so so good to see familiar faces and we had a lovely time. we even visited this fantastic hot dog stand in bailey:

it is definitely cool to buy a hot dog inside a giant stucco hot dog stand, but if you're in a hurry i wouldn't recommend it. i'm pretty sure it doesn't really take 40 minutes to cook a hot dog but in bailey it does.

+ britt's grandma barb turned 80 years young over the weekend and threw herself a giant birthday party complete with a live band, dancing, catering and flourless chocolate cake. we attended, along with 100 of her closest friends and family, and it rocked.

+ i even got out on the dance floor at said party. good to know i can still shake my 8.5-month-pregnant booty to some katy perry...however, probably not the most lovely thing for all the other attendees to watch. sorry.

+ i heart britt & spence. even though brittany is so freaking teeny and cute and i currently look like a giant whale:

+ i continue to wear stiletto heels to church every week. yesterday a woman we didn't previously know came up, introduced herself, complimented my shoes and said "you have seriously fantastic legs, especially for a pregnant girl." why thank you.

+ over the weekend we consumed BJs pizookies, donuts, candy, birthday cake, EL fudge, and homemade ice cream sandwiches. okay, so that part is TOTALLY a pregnancy-acceptance item, not part of my defiance week. but it was yummy...until it made us sick. [side note to b: don't leave your father's day candy from church at home with your pregnant wife. hope you weren't planning to eat it tonight.]

hopefully soon we'll see some baby action. then i can really deny i was ever pregnant and get back to regular life...though i'm sure the dessert consumption won't be changing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

rained out

friday night we had tickets to the rockies game. i loooove a good baseball game. sunshine, hot dogs, ice cream, tan lines, baseball hats, you name it -- nothing says summer to me like a trip to the ballpark.

this was SO not that game.

it rained all weekend here in denver and it was COLD. we were optimistic about the game because it wasn't currently raining when we left our apartment...but by the time we got to the stadium, the sky was ominous. plus they have all these "tornado warnings" here so they wouldn't let people sit in the stands till the weather cleared. we kicked it under the overhangs with the other million people in the stadium and ate our snacks, drank our vitamin waters, watched the rain and pretended we were watching baseball.

finally we got to go down to our seats, but it started raining again. the game started 90 minutes late and we watched the first four innings from major nosebleed seats -- the only place we could stay dry, though the biting wind kept us a little uncomfortable. we left after the 4th inning and they ended up calling the game in the 6th, so luckily we didn't miss much.

does all that sound like it sucked? because it totally didn't. i had so much fun with b, just trying to keep dry and wondering what the poor people were doing that night. [that's my granddad's favorite joke...i wanted to call him and inform him they were indeed sitting in the rain at a jilted rockies game.]

and maybe b's homemade hot chocolate when we got home that night was the true winner of the evening. mmm. who needs summer when you have hot chocolate?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

fulllll term

great news! we have been making friends! even better news, one of said friends happens to be a photographer who asked me on the day we met if she could take maternity photos of me to "expand her portfolio." um, yes please!

so we got together last week to take some photos in an amazing field in parker. there were mosquitos ALL over the place and of course i got bit a few times, which OF COURSE turned into giant golf-ball sized welts within 24 hours [that always happens to me]. i was 35 weeks at the time; this weekend i am officially 37 weeks, meaning i'm "full term" and baby wells could come at any time from now till july 11. yay!

here are a couple of my faves. you can see the full shoot on her website here.

and, as if that's not enough baby talk for one post, check this out. my ridiculously creative and talented friend paige sent me a little package this week -- i had commissioned her to make me a handbound blank book to use as a journal / scrapbook for baby wells. i knew whatever she made would be amazing, but i had no idea it would be THIS cool. she tooootally delivered and i can't wait to start filling it up!

you can read more about the design behind the book on paige's blog here. THANK YOU paige!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

current events

just wanted to say it's been a good week around here. i've had an out-of-the-house activity every day [the secret to keeping lyndsey sane] and i think i'm getting over my guilt from not working full-time, because i can now enjoy my quiet home days without feeling stressed. plus b gets the day off tomorrow so i am taking the day off too [ i need to get it approved or something] and we have fun plans.

in the world of current events, i wanted to point out that utah valley is THE celeb hotspot these days. this amuses me because i don't really love UV, but now that i'm gone and it's swarming with paparazzi i think it's a tiny bit better. first gary coleman dies there, now larry king's wife has a suicide attempt in provo [for more details just visit for the scoop...and remind me to tell you sometime about how my mom grew up w/ larry's wifey and does NOT like her. haha. also i saw larry at church one time when i was like 14 and i was already a foot taller than him.]

in wells' fam current events, our carseat is officially installed in the back seat. yesterday i even got it approved by the local fire department. did you know they do official carseat installations? i swear, parenthood is teaching us something new every day. i do feel pretty legit driving around town with a carseat base strapped into my back seat. come any day, baby!

also, in my ongoing attempt to capture the colorado sky, i took my camera outside one night while b was gone.

it's funny, we live in a very urban area just across from a giant business park, but our town still happens to be on the outskirts of civilization. we love to go for walks and check out the prairie-lands right next door. i can even see cows out my kitchen window, which amuses me to no end:

this guy was literally 10 feet from me, just checking things out. i never saw cows anywhere except norco when i was growing up, so this is new and different for me.

annnnd that's the latest from the colorado camp. now if you'll excuse me i'm off to eat a popsicle and go to target because that's what i do pretty much every afternoon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

colorado sunset

last week b went out of town for a gaming convention [did you know hot pockets sponsors a professional halo team? did you know there WERE professional halo teams?? i learn such interesting things from this internship] so i was on my own for a bit. it sucked.

he got home on saturday night so after i picked him up from the airport we drove down to castle rock to have dinner and check out a sweet outlet mall -- sort of like the park city outlets, but BETTER. it was so relaxing to just walk around and shop and chat; i felt like we were on vacation, but we were only 10 miles from home.

it rained a bit while we were inside and when we came out there were huge clouds all over the place -- colorado sky is really big. we drove home at sunset and it was the most beautiful ride ever.

it was just one of those nights where i wanted to freeze time. i was so happy to have b home, and we'd had a fun date night, and we listened to the beatles, and the sky was AMAZING. i just felt really happy to be alive.