Monday, December 1, 2014

the easiest thanksgiving

this year marked our first year staying home for thanksgiving. (last year was the first year staying home for christmas, this year thanksgiving. we are so boring. but i really love not dealing with all the travel stress, and being able to make our own traditions!) we figured it would be just the four of us and loved my MIL's idea of going out to eat last year, so we made reservations instead of a turkey and it was awesome.

we all went to the gym on thanksgiving morning, then got ready and hung around the house. (jack and i built some minecraft legos; the box said they're for ages 8+ and it was hard even for me.) then we got in the car and drove to seattle! it had been raining all week but just barely stopped that afternoon -- we even saw the sun peeking out, but it was WINDY and cold.

family selfie from steinbruek park:

we had dinner at cutter's and it was delish. the restaurant was perfect -- just noisy enough that our kids weren't an embarrassment, and we lucked out with a table right next to the window overlooking the bay. our four-course thanksgiving meal wasn't too bad either. see -- restaurants do it just like home!

another couple from our ward ended up joining us; they're canadian and thought our whole thanksgiving thing was amusing. it was so fun to have them with us too -- felt more festive to be with friends. hudson pounded the turkey, jack wouldn't touch it. we had pumpkin pie for dessert and headed home for the seahawks game. a perfect thanksgiving with my little family.