Tuesday, April 15, 2014

random snippets

just cleaning out my cell phone photos, per usual. here are a bunch of photos that have nothing to do with each other. :)

one month to the date of our head & the heart date, we went back to the paramount to see the lion king. it was b's first time (i had seen it once a loooong time ago) and we both loved it. so fun to have a good date night with this guy, he's the best. also i love his beard.

nothing much here, just the fact that hudson is adorable. (this is pre-tooth, obv.) i don't know how both my boys got such blue eyes but i am quite happy about it. moving on. 

this is one of last week's instagram photos and i love it. sums up their little relationship so well -- jack loves to make huddy laugh, and hudson is pretty much obsessed with everything he does. 

a couple weeks ago we got together with my friends alex & christine -- we have SIX boys between us. christine was one of my roommates at BYU and i met alex when our husbands were in business school together (and then she moved to seattle too, hooray!). they were mission companions together. now the three of us get together as much as we can. i love our little crew of boys. 

and finally, just me and my boys at church. one of my new year's resolutions was to take a picture of the boys every sunday. so far i have done it exactly three times, but hey. at least it's something. this day i got in the photo too. i sure love those monkeys. 

that's all, until the next phone dump! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

lyndsey update

this blog has clearly become a journal of jack & hudson, but i guess i have some of my own stuff going on too. :) once upon a time all of my posts were just about ME...and that feels like an eternity ago. but i found some photos on my phone of fun stuff i've been doing, so i thought i'd share that too. for posterity's sake, of course. ha.

i've been really into sending mail lately thanks to the #write_on challenge. addressing envelopes is one of my favorite things. and if you like to send mail too, maybe you want to send a card or two to my cards for cancer card drive? please please please do it. 

in other hand-lettering news, last month a friend asked me to make little food labels for a party. i love how they turned out! i know my writing is not the best, especially compared to some people, but i really really like to write stuff. hire me to do your christmas cards this year. ;)

seattle bloggers unite (the blogger networking group i founded when we moved to washington) is alive and well after taking a six month hiatus. lisette helped plan a spring social and it turned out to be so much fun. i love bonding with my fellow social networkers -- and can't wait for our next meetups, a cupcake decorating class in may and a letterpress workshop in july! (here's lots more about the meetup, but this is a picture of one of the food tags i made for the party.)

i've also been writing baby & kid product reviews for miscfinds4u, and i've been writing a PR column for wellyoked.com for the past couple months. i'm not doing much of any PR work right now but i'm tentatively planning to teach a workshop in utah in june, and might team up with my mom to start doing a mother-daughter blogger seminar. and, this week kicks off my half-marathon training for the seattle rock & roll half (i'm totally dreading all the time it will take!). whew! so there you go -- my very minimal nothing-to-do-with-child-rearing life at the moment.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

hudson's firsts

huddy had a big week this week! he's the cutest, by the way. so happy and independent and laid back -- jack was a pretty happy baby, but he was (is) definitely more high maintenance than hudson. not sure if that's just different personalities or if it happened because i don't have time to give hudson my undivided attention like i did for jack, but it's an interesting shift for sure.

i posted this picture on instagram a few days ago with a caption that mentioned how he has zero teeth at nine months old...and literally two days later one of his bottom teeth popped through!

we had super nice weather this week and spent a lot of time at the park. the park is NO GOOD for a crawler. all he wants to do is get dirty and eat wood chips...i'm dreading summer, let's hope he starts walking soon. anyway, he got to try out his first swing and he loooved it. (another difference from big brother, who cried the first time he went in a swing. ;)

it was spring break this week (and i was kicking myself ALL WEEK for not booking tickets to california when i had the chance) so we tried to get out and do some fun stuff. we went to the zoo with our favorite field trip friends, the wingers, and it was hudson's first time! this is the only documentation i have that he was actually there. ha.

jack & the boys:

then, yesterday was hudson's first visit to the gym child care. i am always hesitant to leave small children there (germs, ugh) but b was out of town and i wanted to go to body pump. when i left, hudson was in a walker and jack had taken a knee right next to him. the workers all told me that jack stayed with him the whole time and played with him. sweet brothers! <3 p="">

we love this cute guy! can't wait to see what he does next. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

jack + emery

jack met his friend emery our first sunday ever in washington, when we were in the same ward in issaquah and they were just a year old, and they've been buddies ever since. (here's an old post about them -- i can't even believe how tiny they were.) (their third musketeer friend, rose, moved away last year and we still miss her. sorry, jen, this post might make you sad.) jack & em stayed friends even after we moved across town, and as of last month we're in the same ward again! these two couldn't be happier about it.

i've collected a bunch of photos of them over the past few months -- jack & emery are hilarious together. now that they're sunbeams together in primary, i get at least three comments every sunday about how rowdy they are. ha. they just love each other, what can i say?

they've been taking a preschooler sports class together the past few months, and it has been completely entertaining to watch. they greet each other with a hug at the start of every class and usually run drills holding hands. (insert laughing-with-tears emoji face here.)

little buddies. i can't wait to watch them grow up even more. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

seattle aquarium

a week ago we met up with some friends at the seattle aquarium. jack is really into finding nemo right now so i figured he'd be excited, but i highly underestimated how awesome our visit would be. he is finally at a fun age where he can understand and look forward to learning new things and he was delighted at every exhibit and creature. being there with his three favorite guy friends made it even better. they raced from one spot to another, excitedly calling "over here guys! come see this!" at every turn. it was adorable.

here are a few pictures from our day (all from my grainy iphone :( no time to carry my big camera around when i'm also toting an active 9-month-old) -- it was such a fun day.

they've got a huge fish tank in the lobby, so we hung out there for a while and even got to watch a diver go inside to feed the fish! an eel came out to say hello as well -- jack is still talking about that one. (not jack in the pic...haha.)

the four little musketeers:

this octopus was totally swimming around his tank -- it was so cool to watch:

true to form, jack was squeamish about touching anything...until he saw jacob & ian doing it. if they're in, he's in. hooray for peer pressure ;)

little boys are so much fun. i loved watching them interact and run around all morning. before we left, we headed out onto the pier for a picnic lunch in the (cold) sunshine and watched boats and the great wheel. it was a perfect morning and i'm so glad we have fun friends to share our adventures.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

concert date

b and i discovered the head and the heart right after we moved to seattle -- they're a local band, starting to get more famous around the world. they've been one of our favorites ever since, and last fall when i heard they were planning a couple of hometown shows as part of their 2014 tour, i snagged a couple of tickets for b's christmas present. 

feb. 22 we headed out to the paramount, dressed in our finest hipster apparel. ;) they were SO good and it was so much fun. going to shows reminds me of my younger years spent moshing my brains out to every pop-punk band in the western US...these days i much prefer sitting in a comfy seat, listening to mellow tunes. 

we left during the encore because i'm insane and incredibly paranoid about staying till the end of any live event. haha. i'm trying to be better about that but really we had to get home to let our babysitter go. i was singing another story for three straight days. such a fun date with my favorite guy. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

these kids


yesterday was a particularly cute day for the wells boys. we started out with jack's sports class (he's currently on the basketball rotation, not the easiest sport for preschoolers!), made a costco run and had his friend emery over for the afternoon. playdates with 3-and-a-half-year-olds are increasingly becoming my favorite thing. they seem a bit more volatile than ever, BUT they are hilarious too. i love eavesdropping on their little conversations ("did you see frozen?" "yeah, with my mom." "i like markers." "me too, what is your favorite color?") and watching them actually interact, without needing as much supervision. after hours of toys and bikes and the park, i put finding nemo on and the two kids piled onto the couch like this. HA. young love?


while those two were gallivanting around, huddy took a nap and hung out with me. at the park, i tried entertaining him by showing him his image on my front camera. these pictures are the result -- from ambivalence to interest to delight. third one down on the right is my very favorite. those gums!

i really love these boys.