Friday, October 29, 2010

snow + halloween

this is what we woke up to earlier this week:

barf. guess i can't say too much bad about it though, since it DID wait until october 27 to snow. i'm not quite as opposed to cold weather when i get to stay in my warm apartment instead of bundling up, scraping off my windows and going to work. maybe this winter won't be awful.

it's been a pretty good week despite the cold weather. jack definitely takes after me -- i've taken him out in the cold a few times, and he responds by pinching my neck, blinking rapidly and saying "ooh ooh ooh." i don't think he's a fan.

in other news, i've been listening to the new taylor swift cd on repeat all week [which i feel a little sheepish admitting, but hey, i got it on amazon for $3.99 and i gotta hand it to the girl, she writes some catchy stuff] AND i found my long lost regina spektor cd that's been missing for a year. another guilty-pleasure confession.

AND it's halloween weekend! i won't lie, i've been spontaneously bursting into giggle fits whenever i think about jack's costume. it cracks me up and i can't WAIT to see him in the full ensemble. he is so so cute. not to mention the fact that b has been working on his costume for a week and a half -- there's much anticipation in the wells household. [speaking of b -- in case you missed it, last night's community had a zombie theme to our utter delight...everything's coming up brandon these days.]

we've got a super fun weekend planned -- just have to find time to squeeze in the annual hocus pocus viewing and i'm pretty sure i'll be in complete bliss. oh, and i still need to watch the project runway finale but i'm super pumped about that too. life is good.

happy halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010


our anniversary was low-key but awesome. we slept in, went shopping for our halloween costumes and snuck jack in to see social network. although i realize it's fine to bring a baby to a movie, i felt like i was doing something illegal and they were going to ask me to leave at any moment. then he woke up and started making noise and i felt even more guilty, so i spent most of the movie holding him down in the tunnel-hallway leading to the theater. not the most comfortable way to see a movie.

BUT i loved social network. i wasn't incredibly enthused to see it since i already know the story, but i thought it was so good. made me think a lot about pride, socialization, success, entrepreneurship. and it was kinda fun to watch a movie about a historical event that happened in MY lifetime, one that i feel like i sort of participated in. when i signed up for facebook, it was still and you had to have a college email address to get in and the wall was barely used. i've been wholly addicted to the stupid thing ever since :) [p.s. -- did anyone else notice that zuckerberg's roommate was played by joseph mazzello -- aka tim from jurassic park?!?! i was so excited.]

rounded out the day with a long nap for jack, brazilian food for dinner and incredible massages at solase. [thanks to brit for babysitting a wide-awake baby during our massage ;) ] it was a mellow, fun, happy day, despite [or because of] the fact we celebrated as a three-person family unit. four years down!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


celebrating four years of marriage today with the funnest guy i know. b makes me laugh harder than anyone else, he's easy on the eyes, and when i hear him reading curious george books to jack my heart just melts. i'm a lucky girl to be married to my best friend.

p.s. three-month-olds are officially too old to be brought to the movies in the "he'll sleep through it" phase.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sup ladies

this picture cracks me up. this morning i was taking a picture of j to send to his fan club [my mom & sister] and he started pulling up his shirt. that tummy is just the cutest thing ever. don't worry, we had a little talk about being modest and not showing off his midriff; he won't do it again.

wish i had more to blog about but i've just been trying to keep my head above water lately. between a hubs with food poisoning, tons of freelance work [a huge blessing!], beautiful weather, lovely friends, my other blog [showing awesome halloween tutorials from various guests this week] and actually cooking dinner every night, i'm a busy girl. oh, and taking care of that adorable baby boy who can now sit up, smile, pull my hair and show off his cute little bod.

Monday, October 11, 2010

the new sunday routine

[j in his church clothes, before he barfed all over them 5x]

i always heard friends complain about how annoying it is to have church disrupt their kids' nap schedules, but i never really got that until now [because jack is starting to get a solid nap / nighttime sleep routine! woot!]. yesterday he slept a grand total of 40 minutes during church, when at that same time, if we were at home, he probably would have slept two or three hours. boo.

but anyway. here's how my day went down. j slept 30 minutes during sacrament meeting and then woke up, ready to play & eat. i'd brought a bottle for him to make feeding a little more convenient, but trying to get him to eat it during sunday school was more of a challenge than i'd bargained for. [for some reason he hates bottles all of the sudden. for more proof on this, see saturday's MBA bbq where i was in salt lake for a class and b had jack on his own, and the child decided to not only refuse the bottle but proceeded to scream for an hour, leaving b to wither under the disdainful eye of 50 MBA spouses who were probably wondering where the kid's deadbeat mother was.]

so we headed out to the mother's lounge, which isn't really too bad if you can get over the smell and the plethora of invisible germs [and if you have fun friends like season and clara to hang out with]. was i missing anything from church? no. because when i left sunday school, one of the rather long-winded ladies was on minute 8 of her 20-minute-long comment about something or other. our ward is sort of funny in that it's made up of an apartment complex and a retirement community -- some call it the ward of "newlyweds and nearly deads" [which isn't really that funny, because two people have died in the past couple of weeks -- i contributed bags of ice, which have been in my freezer since j's blessing day, to today's funeral -- i know, i went way above and beyond to help out]. i don't mind the juxtaposition of age groups although some of the older ladies tend to like to hear themselves speak a little toooo much.

anyway, finished up feeding jack, burping him, cleaning up his barf [i swear, the kid is a nonstop flowing fountain of spit up] and headed back out for the last five minutes of sunday school and that woman was STILL talking. haha, just kidding. said closing prayer and b took jack with him to his class, while i got to stay and actually pay attention in relief society [though i actually wanted to fall asleep, once i was sitting quietly with no baby to occupy my time]. jack fell asleep in b's arms for the last 15 minutes of class and then of course we had to wake him up to go home. and yes if you're following closely, mormon sunday services are three hours long. a bit of overkill, i sometimes think.

as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we rushed home to change and then drove straight up to salt lake for sunday dinner with the in laws. which was all fine and good, except it meant poor j couldn't take a good nap AGAIN. he slept off and on and was a bit cranky when he was actually awake. we called it a day and drove home, getting j to bed asap which of course was an hour later than normal.

and guess what? the kid slept 8 hours straight, then another 4 after that. so maybe this sunday business isn't quite so bad. i skip out of boring classes and get to sleep through the night -- who can complain about that?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ye olde halloween

mmmm. quite possibly one of the best things about this ever-fabulous season: halloween oreos! pictured above is the third pack b & i have worked our way through so far, and it's only october 7. i've said it once and i'll say it again: having colored frosting inside oreos makes them ten times more delicious. maybe i love these even more than i love candy cane joe joes. maybe.

it's definitely fall around here. it's rained every day this week and yesterday i saw SNOW on the mountains. barf. but we're really excited for halloween. i've already got j's costume made and ready to go -- b wants to be starburns from community, but good luck growing out your facial hair long enough for that while simultaneously attending BYU, buddy. now i just need to figure out what I'M going to be.

i've also been getting a little crafty. i made this little wreath for our door, pictured below [got the idea from here] -- it was a mistake. i needed candy corn but target only had the jumbo-sized bag, and the wreath took way less candy corn than i'd anticipated, so now i find myself self-medicating with fistfuls of sugary candy whenever i'm stressed.

speaking of which, i really don't feel confident in my abilities to adequately dress a baby in utah winter conditions. all j's jackets and long-sleeve stuff is size 6 month, and he's def not there yet. i think he'll spend the next few months wrapped up in a snuggie.

Friday, October 1, 2010

j & g

i met my friend aimee in the dorms our freshman year of college. we kept in touch and even worked at the now-defunct marketplace cafe together [RIP, marketplace house salad]. fast forward through different states, a mission for her, husbands, etc -- we found out we were pregnant at almost the same time and our babies ended up just six weeks apart, so we've been able to compare notes all along the way.

conveniently we both live in utah and are both slummin it up as SAHMs, so we get together every friday for lunch and to talk baby stuff till our heads explode. it's so fun and i love having her around.

last week we snapped this picture of the two little dudes -- jack and grant, bff for life. [not to mention grant shares his name with pretty cool people...i.e. my brother.] this picture makes me laugh EVERY time. i love that they are holding hands and that they are looking at the camera like they have crazy moms, which is true.

p.s. j rolled over for the first time yesterday! a monumental day in the wells household.