Wednesday, April 15, 2015

tulip festival 2015

we've lived in seattle for four years now and every spring i see hoards of people caravaning up to the tulip festival in the skagit valley (about an hour from here). it never worked out with our schedule to go before, but last week was spring break and the weather was gorgeous so we decided to try it. my friend jolee (who was my coworker at the PR agency in LA sooo many years ago) just moved to sammamish of ALL places so i roped her into going too. i am so SO happy she's here now and can't wait for more of our adventures. it's so funny that seven years ago we were both newlyweds climbing the corporate ladder in LA and now we're stay-at-home moms in seattle with two kids each (plus a third on the way for her!).

anyway! we went to roosengart and it was beautiful. the kids loved running through the little windmill garden and then we made the loooong trek (like 2 miles at least) through the tulip fields. we heard only mild complaining from the preschoolers, which was quickly diffused with candy bribery, and then we went back to the main area for a picnic lunch. it was a great day.

jack's favorite thing to do was smell the flowers, then act like they smelled so bad he was forced to fly backwards and die. (boys. ugh.) 

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