Monday, October 31, 2011

jack the pumpkin king

the moment you've all been waiting for! this year, mr. jack dressed up as jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas.

he looked pretty much adorable in his outfit. [even more adorable? costume's price tag. those are old navy pj's and i made the hat. $15 for the whole thing.]

last night we went to our ward's trunk or treat and he clutched that little pumpkin all night long. he walked from car to car and let people throw candy in, but really he had no idea what was going on. then mom & dad got to eat all the candy! this is a brilliant tradition.

[jack and emery, bff's: ]

if you're just joining us, FYI: jack will be required to wear a jack-related costume until he's 12 and/or realizes he can pick whatever he wants. last year was a jack-o-lantern.

for some reason, halloween is always kind of a bummer for me. i always get REALLY excited about it and then our actual plans turn out totally lame. [see also: 2010 with a 3-month-old / 2009 / 2008] this year, our apartment complex threw a party on thursday night so the three of us dressed up -- jack: skeleton / me: witch / b: ghostbuster -- and showed up to find we were the ONLY adults dressed up. totally awesome. after that, b said he wasn't dressing up anymore this weekend. hence the lame cat ears / ute fan attire we are wearing. sigh. better luck next year.


Season said...

Jack looks awesome. Do you have all of the "jack" costumes lined up for the next 12 years? Just wondering. (I may or may not have costumes for Clara planned out for the next 6 years.) Oh, and our ward didn't even DO a trunk or treat. What kind of ridiculousness is that?

Angela and Mike said...

I personally love your cat costume. haha. Jack's costume is AMAZING. I love it. Did he actually keep the hat on? Regardless, you got him wearing it in the pictures and that is all that matters. So So cute. And I'm totally all about eating all of Colton's candy :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I love that he's going to be something Jack-related 'til he's 12! That'll be so fun to see all the pics of him through the years. Happy Halloween!