Monday, April 8, 2013

snow day

the first day of spring was march 20. on march 21, we woke up to this:

an amazing winter wonderland! i was up early working when it started, and by the time jack woke up we had a nice blanket of white. he walked out of his room and said, "oh, snow! is it christmas?"

after breakfast we put warm clothes over our pj's and went outside to check it out! b was out of town (in the past month he's been to austin TX, copenhagen denmark & boston MA for work...not counting out hawaii trip! the man hardly ever sleeps in his own bed) so we took lots of pictures for him.

jack hates (HATES!) to wear a coat, no matter how cold it is -- it's a weird seattle thing, lots of kids around here run hot and hate to wear warm clothing...i see kids at the bus stop in shorts all winter long -- so if he won't wear one and i think he needs one, he has to carry it around. ;)

jack even got to help build his first snowman:

good thing we made it outside when we did, because all the snow melted away by lunchtime. then we had a beautiful, warm weekend! crazy stuff. seattle usually gets one good snowfall a year, but this was the first sign of snow this whole season. glad we got one little glimpse once spring hit...but i'm okay waiting until next year to see anything else.

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Roxanne said...

A snowfall in the AM and melted away by lunchtime seems wonderful--it made for some fun times for Jack and some cute pics, especially with him carrying around his coat. And i'm SO jealous that Brandon went to Copenhagen--I love it there!