Tuesday, August 20, 2013

just some cute boys

i've had intentional parenting on the brain a lot lately as i've been trying to adjust to life with two kiddos. loved this huffington post article about taking time to enjoy the simple joys of everyday life and i'm loving getting a little more one-on-one time with each boy as hudson's sleep schedule has ironed itself out. i'm really trying to enjoy each moment of this crazy stage of life even though it's so exhausting and hard sometimes. of course i'm definitely not perfect and i still find myself with short fuses and nonexistent patience, but hey, sleep deprivation and traveling husbands and sassy almost-preschoolers will do that to you i guess.

i just started a gig writing for another blog and posted today about my adjustment to the two-kid-life but there's so much more i could say on the subject. in the meantime, i've noticed my cell phone filling up with the sweetest pictures of my two boys and every time i flip through them i feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. i just keep thinking back to college before i met b when i had so many questions about how my life would end up and what paths i would take...if there was any way i could have looked ahead and seen myself as a mama to these two sweet little boys and a wife to my very best friend, my mind would have been blown. how did i get so lucky?!


Jen said...

your boys are so dang cute!

Roxanne said...

i LOVE this...you are a great MOM!