Saturday, October 26, 2013

jack's first day of school 2013

last month jack started preschool! i was a little nostalgic the night before, but the first day went great. b stayed home from work in the morning and we made a big family breakfast -- homemade pancakes and bacon -- and jack got to wear the cute airplane shirt he picked out at target. we packed up his lightning mcqueen backpack and took some pictures and it was still too early to leave for school, but jack was literally bouncing around with excitement so we had to take a little tv break to kill some time. then we loaded up the car and headed to his new school! he marched right in without looking back and has loved preschool ever since. i cried a little on the way home. ;)

at his classroom:

so proud of our big boy.


Janessa Jergensen said...

I love his little airplane shirt! And I can't believe that baby who sat in his carseat when B and I taught reviews is now in preschool.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

So so cute! Fox and Jack are so much alike, of course :) How often is his preschool? Is it at Eastlake?