Tuesday, December 3, 2013

thanksgiving in utah

last week we went to utah for thanksgiving! we hadn't been back to the beehive state in a whole year and wanted to introduce hudson to the fam (not to mention gorge ourselves on all the delicious utah eats) so we thought turkey day was as good a time as any.

i had to fly solo with the boys to utah because b flew straight from florida, where he'd been for a work event. jack and huddy did great on the flight, though we almost missed boarding the plane...i need to work on giving myself more time to get through security. ;) we stayed with my in-laws and jack was in HEAVEN the whole time with so much attention from grandma & grandpa.

tuesday, we met up with my sister at the new city creek mall in downtown. i loved it! such a cool spot right across from the temple. we had brunch at blue lemon and then took a few pictures (for our christmas card, so i kept most of them off the blog ;).

jack thought the indoor creek was amazing and ran all over the place (^). and, this pic below cracks me up. such an accurate statement of where me & b are at in life. :) 

after photos, we said goodbye to rachie and headed across the street. jack totally recognizes the salt lake temple as the place mommy & daddy got married, so we were excited to take him there. it was a beautiful day and they were setting up all the christmas lights so it was really fun to walk around the grounds. 

we went into the visitors center to see the christus statue and jack was SO cute. as soon as we walked up the ramp, he started whispering and told us it was a reverent place. we sat on the chairs in front of the statue for a while, and he asked a few questions about heaven and jesus and heavenly father. then he walked up to the statue and asked me if i would take a picture of him. so cute to see how spiritually in tune little kids can be. 

wednesday i practically had the day off from being a mom -- i got my hair done and then b & i went to see catching fire, all while my in-laws watched the kids. it was AMAZING. so nice to get a little break!!

thursday was thanksgiving and we tried something new this year -- we went to a restaurant (the little america). it was nice to get to relax a little bit instead of slaving away in the kitchen -- not that i ever slave away because no one ever lets me contribute to the meal, but you know. i'm sure someone would be slaving away. ;) unfortunately...jack was acting weird before we left, and spent the whole meal laying down with his head in my lap saying his stomach hurt. as we were paying the bill, he totally barfed. luckily i had brought a barf bag just in case and managed to keep most of it contained, but it was still GROSS. my first barf experience as a mom and i survived! it was totally humiliating and disgusting and i couldn't wait to get out of there. 

he only got sick once, luckily, and we just went home and watched football and had pie with the rest of the fam. what a memorable day. 

on friday, i did a little black friday shopping and we went down to orem to run some errands in our old hood and eat at cafe rio, then we flew home on saturday. so long utah, thanks for a great visit! 

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