Wednesday, November 26, 2014

more october fun

lots more good stuff happened in october! the first weekend was general conference, my favorite time of year, but b left for europe halfway through. it's always an adventure finding ways to keep these boys (and myself) occupied while he's gone -- especially on weekends! we took a sunday field trip to the temple. :)

we also got to tour our local fire station. and there were enough nice days of weather left that i got to hook up the bike trailer and take the boys for a ride. i get desperate for exercise time when b's gone and i can't go to the gym!

we tried to enjoy our last few weeks of nice weather as much as possible! jack's BFF allie is so cute with huddy -- she loves taking him down the slide. 

hudson is the cutest little cheeser. he finally started walking in october, hooray! love looking down and seeing this little sidekick. he's also VERY into football and wants to wear the utah helmet all the time. 

love this early morning sunrise. sometimes it's the only time we see evidence of the sun the whole day, but it's worth it!

one weekend we had a HUGE storm, which knocked out power for 24 hours. that was all the motivation b needed to finally get us a generator. ;) it was fun at night, the davis' came over and tj and b tried their best to listen to the utah game over ipad and cell phone, but when we woke up and it was still off we were a little bummed. 

church lasted about 20 minutes that day and we spent a very bored day inside. luckily our friends' power came back on and we went over there for dinner -- it was nice to get out of our cold dark house. the lights came back on late that night. here's a look at our street the day after the storm -- there were tree branches and leaves everywhere!

just some cute kids hanging out on the tennis court. 

i guess this counts as november, but the morning after halloween we headed out to seattle to run a few errands. i took the fam up to kerry park because b had never been -- it's such an awesome view of downtown seattle and the sound, and with all the pretty trees in the background that day it was perfect. 

we loooove fall in seattle!

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