Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 in review

it's funny; i didn't send a christmas card letter / update with our cards this year because i felt like nothing noteworthy had happened to us. there were no new babies or moves for the wells family in 2014 -- we're still in the same sammamish house, still have two kids, still work the same jobs, didn't take an epic trip. but even though 2014 wasn't particularly noteworthy as far as life changes goes, there was still a lot of living going on! 

this was the year i finally decided to really quit my PR work (at least for the time being) instead of making myself crazy trying to straddle two worlds. b got a promotion at work (yay b!) and is now working strictly on european-made video games, which means he travels overseas every other month or so. husdon finally started walking, finally got teeth, and is doing a bunch of awesome stuff (playing catch, talking, playing make-believe with his toys). jack is in his second year of preschool and loving life -- he's obsessed with legos, his neighbor friends and reading books -- and it's amazing to watch him starting to learn to read and think about the world. he asks the best questions and i love watching his little brain at work. 

my life is crazy and chaotic and exhausting but i think this was the year i finally came to terms with all that -- yes it's insanity over here a lot, but this is just a phase. my life is pretty awesome, most of our dramatic moments are not emergencies, and i'm lucky to be home with my cute boys every day. i think i'm finally able (sort of) to roll with the punches, try to be patient, and keep a schedule and a calm, clean house for my family. it feels good to be a mama. 

can't wait to see what 2015 will bring us!

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