Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i got nothin.

reason for lack of posting lately? nothing. we just do nothing. life in the past week and a half has involved lots of burn notice, work, sleeping and family time.

i made valentines [i'm crafty again! maybe.]
i learned to determine the feeling of being regularly kicked by my little heirloom-tomato-sized baby [and i kind of love it]
i finished hunger games AND catching fire [which have been noted before but bears repeating as i still think about them daily]
we watched the super bowl, against my better judgment -- my favorite commercial was the google one
i worked
b went to school
i slept -- though my sleep these days is regularly interrupted by crazy, CRAZY dreams. i have now dreamt twice of unintentionally starving my baby and once of trying to put it back in after birth.

in two days we're headed off to california for my brother's mission farewell and i can't wait [for CA, not for my bro to leave for two years]. even though, you know, i was just IN california less than two weeks ago. we're getting really good at going to the airport, b and i -- in the past month, b has gone to seattle, san francisco and now LA and i will have gone to LA twice. not a bad spot to be in, i must say. looking forward to loading up at TJs and h&m. and maybe blogging more often ;)


dietcokegrrl said...

Are you headed out to Pasadena? For an In-N-Out lunch, maybe? :)

Brandon and Erica said...

I should have taken a picture of your dinner with us, then you could have blogged about the raging 2 1/2 hours you spent with your bestie ;)

sachia said...

Love, love, your valentine cards. Count me in on the Pasadena lunch if one comes to fruition.