Friday, February 19, 2010

rule #2: double tap

if you know what the title of this blog is from, you are awesome. [it's from zombieland. b got to pick the movie this week and that was his selection. i'm not a huge zombie person but this movie was freaking hilarious. once you get over the gore.] [disclaimer: we watched the movie on clearplay, so if you watch it unedited and become offended by language and violence, don't blame me -- i never heard/saw it.]

and while we're on the subject of things that make me laugh, our new favorite tv show is modern family. for real, best new show on tv. full of great, quotable one-liners and usually has a good message.

AND, speaking of family...we went home to rancho over the holiday weekend. which is not a holiday weekend if you work for my employer, who feels there should be no paid holidays between new year's and memorial day. whatevs -- i took my sweet PTO and we make a 4-day out of it.

the weekend involved plenty of delicious food, a trip to h&m, sleeping in and hanging out with the fam. and of course it was goodbye weekend for my little missionary brother. my grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousin all came to join in the fun. saturday night the parents threw him a going away party, complete with bratty teenagers who trashed the house WHILE they were in the same room with my 'rents annnd a bunch of my parents' friends who took one look at me and lunged for my growing stomach. fun fun.

sunday we went to church where granty gave his going away talk. he made me laugh and made some people cry [but not me. these baby-hormones have made me a lot less emotional than i usually am]. we had fondue that night and talked politics and real-life disasters aorund the dinner table, as we do most times the fam gets together. and fashion. i think my grandpa negatively commented on my above-the-bump skinny belt every 10 minutes -- sorry gramps, i have to show that i still have SOMEWHAT of a figure.

here's the whole family after church...please note the blue sky; the weather was incredible:

monday the relatives left and the five of us went to the movies and out for mongolian stir fry for lunch. mmm. did a little final shopping, then b and i headed to the airport to travel home to frigid utah. and here we are. best part of the belated arrival was that the week flew by -- i love having mondays off. we need a few more of these types of weeks :)


Justin + kelly said...

Modern family is by far the best show on TV these days! We love it!

Britni and Chad Robertson said...

We LOVE modern family! Next wednesday, party!

megan said...

you are one stylish girl!
so fun that you get to visit CA often!
and I watched modern family while working out at the gym the other night....sooo soo funny! I also caught part of another episode while at the gym the week was the valentines one. LOVED what I saw

Chris and Paige Evans said...

For all the times you've been back to California since you've moved, I have yet to go back to Utah once! I literally had a dream about Cafe Rio last night, I miss it that much. Still hoping to make it out there for 4th of July! Looks like you and your belly are doing well!

The Facks of Life said...

matt and i just watched that movie for the first time last week too. i haven't heard him laugh that hard in a long time. he loved it! as you can probably imagine. i'm just a little sad we didn't get to enjoy it with you guys.