Monday, February 21, 2011

no vacation around here

oy. what a morning. woke up to a slow computer, which isn't really a big deal, but when you work from home and every second of naptime is a preciously valued commodity, having to sit and stare at a frozen screen makes you want to scream.

after naptime, jack and i ventured to walmart for a few things. you probably already know that i'm a hardcore target person, which therefore means i'm kind of anti-walmart, but once in a while i get lured in by low prices and big selection. this illusion always lasts me halfway through the trip and then i realize that, yep, i still hate walmart. today was no different; i might be saving money but i'm definitely not living better. between an incompetent checkout person, a visit from the front line manager, a second trip back to the baby food section for a replacement item, a baby on the verge of meltdown and a mommy who really needed lunch, i could NOT get out of there fast enough. ugh. next time we're sticking with target.

came home, put jack down for a much-needed nap, ate my much-needed lunch and finally got started on some work. then my phone rang (and of course i had no idea where it was) so i jumped up to try to find it and tripped on my computer cord, knocking over my water bottle and spilling water everywhere. awesome. basically the day was just one comedy of errors after another.

BUT. shout out to the always-fantastic b. maybe he sensed my franticness, maybe he saw the crazy in my eyes, but when he got home he volunteered to take jack out on a little man date. i got to stay home in peace & quiet, catch up on some work and even vacuum (my favorite chore). jack got to discover the joy of popcorn [below] and have some daddy-son bonding. oh, and b fixed my computer. he is really, really the best.

it's just another day around here, holiday or not -- i'm starting to notice that's the norm for wahms. no weekends, no holidays, just more of the same constant balancing act. but i still feel pretty lucky for being able to balance out all the parts of my life without having to miss anything.


Leandra said...

I hate wal-mart too. Not to mention trying to find a parking spot, and having to walk 20 minutes to get inside the store in the first place.

No vacations anywhere. But busy is good right?

and look at J's little finger holding that tiny piece of popcorn. so cute.

Suzana said...

i had almost the exact experience at wal mart last time i went there. you always think it's worth the savings, but NO. and i've found that target is pretty close to wal mart's prices. i hate wal mart. hate.

Becca said...

hooray for hardcore target people and wedding target gift cards! did i say thank you yet? thank you!!!

Brandon and Erica said...

hahahha!!! THAT pic is ADORABLE! I love it, he looks like a little mischievous popcorn-thief :) Cute little J