Wednesday, February 23, 2011

producer credit

have you heard of the mormon women project? it's a really cool site that features a different mormon lady each week, from all different backgrounds and cultures around the world. i think a lot of people imagine a stereotypical mormon woman who is married with a million kids, good at crafts [that's for you, tracy ;) ], has a ton of food storage and bakes cookies every day -- but obviously that is NOT true. mwp does a great job of showing the many different styles of "mormon women" and the site is definitely worth a look, whether you're mormon or not. the stories of how women have overcome challenges and developed their faith are really inspiring. [two weeks ago the feature was the drummer from neon trees.]

anyway, a few months ago i became a producer for mwp, and today my first interview ran! yay. click here to read it. i interviewed my friend melissa, who i first met at church just a couple weeks after b & i got married and moved to los angeles. we lived in a really diverse part of town and went to church with people who had moved to the u.s. from allll over the world; many people spoke english as a second language. i ended up absolutely loving it there, but i definitely felt a little out of my element as a naive 22-year-old newlywed, fresh out of college. melissa was an instant friend and helped me get settled right away.

flash forward a few years -- melissa is now a mom of two sets of twins under age 4, works in tv editing from home (she won an emmy in 2006, no big deal), still lives in LA and writes the fantastic blog learning mommy. i've already learned a ton from her about parenting styles and patience and i'm bookmarking all her blog posts for when jack is older and i need mommy advice. thanks, meliss, for letting me interview you!

my next post runs next month, so keep an eye out. and i'm getting really good at transcribing, in case you ever need that type of service :)


Brandon and Erica said...

holy crap, you are more big-time than I thought. Now, you can add 'producer' to your resume? Rock on, my friend.

That girl is also, GREAT article...makes me think i should do more everyday as a SAHM than just iron and clean ;)

Jean said...

Hey, that rocks!!! Go Lyndsey!!!

2x2momma said...

That is the sweetest post! I can't believe you're talking about crazy old me in there. Thanks for the interviewing- you made that scary experience as good as possible with your amazing supertalent powers. Rock on Producer Lynds.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

what a freakin' cool job!