Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween prep

it's halloween weekend! yay. b and i carved our first pumpkin as a married couple last night [ok, i drew the face, he did most of the hard work] and i have the seeds baking right this minute. we also tried to watch hocus pocus ["let's light the sucker and see the old broads." // "say whatever you want, just don't breathe on me!"] but both got bored 20 minutes in. sad, maybe tomorrow we'll try again.

jack got into the halloween spirit by covering his body with spooky stickers from grammie. too funny. [p.s. should i be worried about that giant gap between his two front teeth? granted, i DID have completely jacked up -- no pun intended -- teeth AND wore braces/retainer for 7 years but i'm really really hoping he didn't inherit those genes from me.]

last week, i threw a DIY halloween party -- a night of witchCRAFT, get it? -- for some crafty ladies here in seattle. my partner, marie from make & takes, is the best sidekick ever. read more about the party on my stationery blog.

so basically, i feel like it's been halloween for two weeks straight already, and it's not even here for two more days!! oy. come back on monday for a shot of our greatest jack-related costume yet.


Aimee said...

Oh my gosh, I can hardly wait to see what Jack is for Halloween! I can't believe you have held out and not told me!! I loved the non-pun!

Leandra said...

You rock at Halloween. Can't wait to see pictures of your costumes! PS, I've heard the gappier the baby teeth the better. It means there is more room for their big teeth to come in when they do :)