Monday, June 4, 2012

biiiig saturday

as mentioned before my freak-out about the crib thing, saturday was a big day in the wells household. BIG big. i will share it with you in four parts.

I. i ran 12 miles.

[view from my course, right before it started raining] i'm running the seattle rock & roll half marathon later this month. it's not my first half (see also: SLC marathon 2011) but this one has felt a lot harder when it comes to training. with my prep program, 12 miles is the longest distance you run before the race so it was a big deal to me. also it POURED for at least a mile or two -- not too bad, but definitely not the best experience ever. i feel like a real runner for making it through that ;)

II. book club

came straight home from the run and got ready to host my book club. one of my favorite bloggers, kelle hampton, released a book earlier this year (it's on the new york times bestseller list and she's been everywhere from the today show to NPR, no big deal) -- and they did a campaign where if you ordered 10 or more copies of the book, you could do a skype chat with kelle herself. genius PR move! i was all over that and convinced my book club to join in. saturday was our scheduled chat and it was awesome. she was so nice and friendly and chatty and we got to ask her anything we wanted. such a fun little girl talk sesh and now i feel like kelle is really my friend ;) [which i am totally claiming because i also met her at blogher 2011 AND got her to speak at the upcoming i heart faces conference later this year, so basically...BFF status.]

III. scoot scoot

while we were chatting, b and jack were out running errands and came home with jack's very first scooter! [last time i let b "run errands" on his own ;) ] jack recently discovered razor scooters through some of our friends' kids and has been OBsessed with them, so when b saw this beginner scooter he was so excited to get it for him. i've never seen jack so excited, it was pretty adorable -- he kept his hand on the box the whole drive home, hopped up and down squealing "scooter! scooter!" when they showed it to me and wouldn't get off of it for anything. he even skipped lunch and screamed his head off when i made him take a nap. that, my friends, is the sign of a good toy.

IV. a house!!

this might just be the biggest update of them all! we found out we got approved on a rental house on saturday afternoon. we are SO excited about it -- the house is in redmond, built in the 80s but recently remodeled, with a big wraparound deck and lots of front yard for jack to play in. it will be the first house we've lived in since we got married almost six years ago!

funny story about how we found it: i'd seen the craigslist listing like 4 times but kept throwing it out for various reasons. then, last week, i was talking to our apartment manager, juli, and she mentioned some fellow tenants from our complex were trying to rent a house near redmond -- she emailed me the listing and it was the same house. we checked it out this week and loved everything -- the neighborhood, the landlords, the house. juli is awesome and actually one of the reasons we decided to live here...and now she was totally instrumental in helping us find our next home too. it's a sign!

we'll move in just a few weeks so i'm already freaking out a little bit about leaving our cute little apartment and all of our issaquah friends. change sucks. per usual, i cried a little bit, but overall i'm feeling good. this house was meant to be and i can't wait to have a garage!


Roxanne said...

such FUN updates. you are a rockstar!

Aimee said...

Wow, friend!! Congratulations on all your weekend accomplishments. I am so excited to see the house!

The Mid Life Guru said...

A momentous weekend for the Wells family et al. Love, love, loved seeing Jack on his scooter. Christmas in June status. Isn't it fun making your child's dreams come true?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! A post definitly worth a worthy comment, thanks.