Thursday, June 14, 2012

foodie wannabe

this past weekend was blogher food, a conference for foodie bloggers, and this year it was right here in seattle. i didn't have much interest in attending since i do not blog about food, but they opened up the saturday night party to locals so i coughed up the $20 entrance fee and showed up. i hung out with my friend marie, snacked on deep-fried turkey and fancy appetizers and took some really funny photobooth pictures. (they do FLIPBOOK photo booths now, did you know? so awesome.)

(did you know it's really hard to smile when you have an adhesive mustache on your face?) (also i would like to note that despite the giant craze of fake mustaches over the past few years, this was actually my first time using a mustache in any form.)

the party was hosted by a few famous bloggers, one of whom you might have heard of. she was just standing around chatting it up with anyone who wanted to come over, so naturally...i wanted to come over. we bonded over some mutual friends, her awesome platform shoes, and how i gave her cookbook to my's like we're best friends. :)

grabbed a few more apps, chatted with a few more people and headed home for at-home date night with b. so much better than traveling a long way for a conference! seattle is the best. 


Danielle said...

So fun! I love Pioneer Women. I talked to Mary the other day, so lucky you guys saw each other. Hope things are well.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

SO AWESOME that you met Pioneer Woman!

And can I just say I love that you're going out and doing things and getting to know Seattle? So admirable :)