Monday, February 4, 2013

the jackal

this kid is the cutest lately. sure, he's still full of WAY too many tantrums and physical abuse moments directed at me, but most of the time he's pretty fun. last week we were both craving a sprinkled donut so i took him out for a little date while we were running errands. he was literally hopping up and down saying "i'm getting a spwinkled donut!" while peering into the case. it was so fun to sit at the table in krispy kreme and eat our donuts and talk about birds and race cars (? - his topics of choice).

my other favorite thing of late is that he will say "love you too!" whenever i tell him i love him. but it sounds more like "yuv you too!" it's adorable. he also rocks the pleases and thank yous and will always say please two times when you tell him to ask nicely, as in "pwease more cereal pwease!" kids are so exhausting...and so fun. :)

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