Monday, December 31, 2012

wrapping up 2012

before it's february and things start getting really ridiculous, i guess it's time to give an official close to 2012. (i'm back-dating this entry so it fits into my 2012 blog book, but let's be serious -- today is actually january 29.) here's a look at how we ended 2012 -- the year the universe DIDN'T end, much to my relief. ;)

christmas day was a lot of fun. we got jack a bunch of new train tracks & thomas-related engines to go along with it -- he spent most of the day sitting with those, chug-chugging along, occasionally coming up for air to open other gifts or eat food.

he also got the infamous utah helmet, which he wore along with his jersey for the majority of the trip. grammie & pop pop gave him a motorcycle-bike, and he got to ride it OUTSIDE with NO JACKET. that, my friends, is the way christmas should be every year. dang i miss living in california.

we spent most of the rest of the trip just relaxing and taking advantage of free babysitting. ;) we spent new years eve playing games & watching rat race (until i fell asleep on the couch) -- new years day i watched the rose parade, mourned my former pasadena life, ate a giant smorgasbord of food while watching football, and got a massage. just a typical january 1. ;)

i did an okay job sticking to my resolutions for last year -- talked to more friends on the phone, got a good camera and sort of learned how to use it, dressed up a little more and who knows if i made a difference. i think i pulled my flute out a total of 2 times so...definitely an improvement. i came up with a few resolutions for 2013 but i think i can sum up all of my goals with one word: FORWARD. [not an homage to obama...i just like the word. ;) ]  i want to progress and move forward with everything in my life, and for this year that means a lot of scary things coming my way -- potty training, baby #2, figuring out my priorities, making choices about work and life. i don't have to be amazing, i just have to move forward.

and with that, here's our 2012 in review. (see also: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011)

see ya in 2013, if i can keep up with this whole blogging thing... ;)

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