Tuesday, July 9, 2013

before the arrival

so, hudson was due on june 12, but didn't make it until the 18th. right. june had been crazy unseasonably hot so we'd been spending the past few weeks getting outside as much as possible, per usual seattle behavior -- i hauled my giant pregnant self to parks, pools, lakes, backyards with slip & slides, you name it. also, the friday before, my best girlfriends and i went out to dinner in bellevue for one last girls night pre-baby. i love these people!

then my mom flew in on the 12th and we ended up with lots of time to kill. being overdue is a funny thing. every day you wake up wondering "is this the day??" and then by mid-morning when it looks like this WON'T be the day, you decide to get dressed and go out and do something with yourself. i'd forget about the baby thing until about dinner time and then realize huh, guess we'll chalk up another one. maybe i'd just stay a mom-of-one forever.

anyway, between looking for entertainment and trying to entice my body to evict its little resident, we were plenty busy with grammie in town. here's a look at what we did -- and thanks to instagram for supplying me with all these photos because it's the only way i document anything these days.

we took her on the grand tour of microsoft (it includes lunch and their famous free drinks!), went to the farmers market, walked to the park.

we re-did our unfortunate zoo outing of 2012 on a MUCH sunnier day, accompanied by our friends the davises, and ended the trip by discovering an a la mode pie shop right across the street. (that is incredible serendipity if you've ever met my mom and her pie obsession.)

we went strawberry picking at my favorite local farm and ended up with 17 lbs of berries, enough to make strawberry waffles, shortcake, two batches of freezer jam and a bunch of frozen ones too.

on saturday, b joined us and we rode the water taxi over to west seattle to try marination ma kai, which did not disappoint. it was one of those incredibly gorgeous seattle days and i loved our little outing. except that we almost missed our boat so we had to book it to the dock...you should have seen all the people watching me high-tail my pregnant self, power walking along alaskan way and the waterfront. quite an entertaining sight if you care to envision it.

sunday we went to church and fielded a million "no baby?!?!" questions, monday i packed my hospital bag and cleaned my house and walked around costco, and tuesday you know what happened. and that's how you get ready to have a baby.

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Aimee said...

Don't people know not to ask a pregnant lady any questions? What fun memories.