Monday, July 29, 2013

epic july: week 3

during the second full week of b's paternity leave, we kept pretty busy. i threw jack a little birthday party with some of his friends -- it was about as low-key as you can get while still calling it a party. we met up at our favorite park, ate a bunch of donuts (me & jack's fave ;), got out the scooters and bikes for a little "road rally" (aka just riding around the park) and that was it. all the moms got to hang out and chat while the kiddos ran around -- it was 85 degrees that day, which in seattle is grounds for complete heat exhaustion, and we all barely lasted two hours before heading home. best of all, b got to come! i think he liked hanging out with all the moms -- he's pretty jealous of the SAHM life by now. ;)

we took jack to his very first movie in theaters, monsters university. i'd kind of been hoping to wait until "planes" comes out next month to get him into a theater, but we wanted to go now while b could come too and we were therefore a bit limited in our film choices. jack recognized all the monsters from seeing the toys at target, so he was pretty pumped. we snuck in a bunch of snacks and bought him popcorn (grand larceny on those popcorn prices, i tell you what -- after working at a movie theater all those years in high school, i am hard pressed to EVER spend money on concession stand crap but i do make the occasional exception ;) and made a big deal out of it. he did great -- sat still & engrossed throughout the whole thing and just got a little nervous toward the end at a scary part, but luckily he needed to go potty at that point so b took him out and he missed most of it. hudson was a champ, per usual, and slept in my arms the whole time. all in all, a great success!

the 19th was b's big birthday celebration, a week early. we went to see paul mccartney in concert! b is a HUUUUGE beatles fan, and a few months ago we had a conversation discussing which concerts we would love to see before we die. b said his bucket list concert would be paul mccartney, his best chance to see one of the remaining beatles perform live. a few weeks after that, i heard a commercial on the radio advertising a mccartney concert coming to seattle (the first concert in safeco field!) and i was ALL over that. i surprised him with tickets as an early birthday present and we headed out. this required two different babysitters -- jack stayed home with a regular sitter, and we dropped hudson off with my incredibly wonderful friend who volunteered to watch our tiny baby. i'm a crazy mother.

the concert started off a little slow, for me at least -- b was loving it, but i didn't know a lot of the more obscure songs. about halfway through, things picked up and sir paul played all our favorites ("let it be" is my all-time favorite beatles song, with "hey jude" as a close second -- both were amazing live) -- and then, for an encore (after the fireworks!) he brought out the living members of nirvana and totally rocked out. everyone went crazy since nirvana is seattle's own, and it was incredible. also incredible: dave grohl. i have such a huge crush on that man, and his hair. they did three encores together and it was amazing. we got home at 1 a.m. (who ARE we??) and were on a post-concert high for days.

july continued...

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Jen said...

insanity!! Glad we share a Dave Grohl crush. high five friend! I'm interested to know what brandon's favorite beatles song is. Mine are a little more obscure so not played at the Paul concert I went to (at least that's the way I remember it from 12 years back).