Thursday, November 7, 2013


october 20 was our 7th wedding anniversary! so proud that we made it past the seven year itch. ;) we've been talking about weddings a lot lately in this neighborhood and i have to say that i think marriage just gets better and better with time. seven years feels like such a good spot for us -- marriage is comfortable and fun and happy and cooperative and we've worked out a lot of kinks over the years. i'm so lucky to be married to b.

anyway, we kept things pretty low-key this year. i always like to go out and DO things instead of buy things for anniversaries or birthdays, and we threw around a lot of activity ideas, but since hudson was going to be our +1 it kind of limited our choices and when it came down to it i just wanted to keep things simple. we went out to dinner at cuoco (one of the famed tom douglas restaurants in town) and it was delicious and relaxing. that coconut cream pie everyone talks about is legit, people.

our actual anniversary was on a sunday, so it was even more laid back. we just went to church and had dinner with some friends, then came home and popped in our wedding DVD that we hadn't watched in years. it was so fun to look back at ourselves and our families from seven years ago and see what has changed...and also what marriages we have already outlasted. ha.

seven years! here's my traditional look down memory lane. four states, two kids, lots of jobs and LOTS of hair colors/styles later. ;)

[salt lake city UT]

[los angeles CA]

[beverly hills CA]

[provo UT]

[provo UT]

[vancouver canada]

[seattle WA]

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

Happy anniversary! Love seeing your collection of pics. Can't believe I've known you since the 2009 photo - time is flying! And all of your hairstyles looks so good - you can pull off anything!