Sunday, February 9, 2014

sunday snow

last night b and i watched captain phillips (intense!) and when it ended, i checked instagram and saw a bunch of local friends posting about snow. it had been sunny most of the day and i'd been totally engrossed in the movie so i didn't even think about a weather change. i looked outside and gasped so loud b thought someone was breaking into our house -- it had totally snowed!! haha. we got about three inches and woke up to a winter wonderland.

hilariously, it was enough snow to cancel church! after living in utah for a few winters, i find this hilarious -- but there are tons of hills around here and facebook informed me that a bunch of friends got stuck / slid out / freaked in the snow so i guess it was a good call, though in our area all was fine and clear.

jack was suuuuper pumped to play in the snow. we spent at least a good hour out there, making a snowman and throwing snowballs and exploring. his favorite thing to do is make a snow angel. b has taught me the importance of having proper snow attire and i give him full credit for making sure jack is good to go -- between his snow pants, boots, "football gloves" and down jacket the kid doesn't know it's cold outside even when he's rolling around in snow. he was SO happy out there today. 

it worked out nicely to not have to go to church, actually, because i ended up taking hudson to urgent care. the poor little bug caught jack's cold last week and has developed the WORST hacking cough ever...he's so, so sad and doesn't even want to crawl around, so you know he's not feeling well. poor buddy wouldn't even smile for the camera phone:

i included this photo also to commemorate his sweet little hands. see how he's holding onto me up there? that is the default huddy hand position. ever since he was born, his little hands have grabbed onto mine any time they are near and i love it. i always feel bad when i have to pull my hand away to do something else. anyway, turns out he has RSV and we are hoping he gets better soon. :(

all in all, a fun day to spend together with family. but i can't wait to get back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. ;)

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Stephanie said...

Love the picture of Jack by that giant window of yours! And cute little huddy too! his little hand is so sweet! :)