Thursday, February 27, 2014

these kids


yesterday was a particularly cute day for the wells boys. we started out with jack's sports class (he's currently on the basketball rotation, not the easiest sport for preschoolers!), made a costco run and had his friend emery over for the afternoon. playdates with 3-and-a-half-year-olds are increasingly becoming my favorite thing. they seem a bit more volatile than ever, BUT they are hilarious too. i love eavesdropping on their little conversations ("did you see frozen?" "yeah, with my mom." "i like markers." "me too, what is your favorite color?") and watching them actually interact, without needing as much supervision. after hours of toys and bikes and the park, i put finding nemo on and the two kids piled onto the couch like this. HA. young love?


while those two were gallivanting around, huddy took a nap and hung out with me. at the park, i tried entertaining him by showing him his image on my front camera. these pictures are the result -- from ambivalence to interest to delight. third one down on the right is my very favorite. those gums!

i really love these boys. 

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Jen said...

ummmm that pic of jack and em is TOO GOOD. sad we arent there for the play dates :(