Monday, March 24, 2014

seattle aquarium

a week ago we met up with some friends at the seattle aquarium. jack is really into finding nemo right now so i figured he'd be excited, but i highly underestimated how awesome our visit would be. he is finally at a fun age where he can understand and look forward to learning new things and he was delighted at every exhibit and creature. being there with his three favorite guy friends made it even better. they raced from one spot to another, excitedly calling "over here guys! come see this!" at every turn. it was adorable.

here are a few pictures from our day (all from my grainy iphone :( no time to carry my big camera around when i'm also toting an active 9-month-old) -- it was such a fun day.

they've got a huge fish tank in the lobby, so we hung out there for a while and even got to watch a diver go inside to feed the fish! an eel came out to say hello as well -- jack is still talking about that one. (not jack in the pic...haha.)

the four little musketeers:

this octopus was totally swimming around his tank -- it was so cool to watch:

true to form, jack was squeamish about touching anything...until he saw jacob & ian doing it. if they're in, he's in. hooray for peer pressure ;)

little boys are so much fun. i loved watching them interact and run around all morning. before we left, we headed out onto the pier for a picnic lunch in the (cold) sunshine and watched boats and the great wheel. it was a perfect morning and i'm so glad we have fun friends to share our adventures.

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