Saturday, March 15, 2014

concert date

b and i discovered the head and the heart right after we moved to seattle -- they're a local band, starting to get more famous around the world. they've been one of our favorites ever since, and last fall when i heard they were planning a couple of hometown shows as part of their 2014 tour, i snagged a couple of tickets for b's christmas present. 

feb. 22 we headed out to the paramount, dressed in our finest hipster apparel. ;) they were SO good and it was so much fun. going to shows reminds me of my younger years spent moshing my brains out to every pop-punk band in the western US...these days i much prefer sitting in a comfy seat, listening to mellow tunes. 

we left during the encore because i'm insane and incredibly paranoid about staying till the end of any live event. haha. i'm trying to be better about that but really we had to get home to let our babysitter go. i was singing another story for three straight days. such a fun date with my favorite guy. 

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Roxanne said...

you guys are SO hipster. i'll have to check them out.