Sunday, April 13, 2014

hudson's firsts

huddy had a big week this week! he's the cutest, by the way. so happy and independent and laid back -- jack was a pretty happy baby, but he was (is) definitely more high maintenance than hudson. not sure if that's just different personalities or if it happened because i don't have time to give hudson my undivided attention like i did for jack, but it's an interesting shift for sure.

i posted this picture on instagram a few days ago with a caption that mentioned how he has zero teeth at nine months old...and literally two days later one of his bottom teeth popped through!

we had super nice weather this week and spent a lot of time at the park. the park is NO GOOD for a crawler. all he wants to do is get dirty and eat wood chips...i'm dreading summer, let's hope he starts walking soon. anyway, he got to try out his first swing and he loooved it. (another difference from big brother, who cried the first time he went in a swing. ;)

it was spring break this week (and i was kicking myself ALL WEEK for not booking tickets to california when i had the chance) so we tried to get out and do some fun stuff. we went to the zoo with our favorite field trip friends, the wingers, and it was hudson's first time! this is the only documentation i have that he was actually there. ha.

jack & the boys:

then, yesterday was hudson's first visit to the gym child care. i am always hesitant to leave small children there (germs, ugh) but b was out of town and i wanted to go to body pump. when i left, hudson was in a walker and jack had taken a knee right next to him. the workers all told me that jack stayed with him the whole time and played with him. sweet brothers! <3 p="">

we love this cute guy! can't wait to see what he does next. 

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