Monday, April 14, 2014

lyndsey update

this blog has clearly become a journal of jack & hudson, but i guess i have some of my own stuff going on too. :) once upon a time all of my posts were just about ME...and that feels like an eternity ago. but i found some photos on my phone of fun stuff i've been doing, so i thought i'd share that too. for posterity's sake, of course. ha.

i've been really into sending mail lately thanks to the #write_on challenge. addressing envelopes is one of my favorite things. and if you like to send mail too, maybe you want to send a card or two to my cards for cancer card drive? please please please do it. 

in other hand-lettering news, last month a friend asked me to make little food labels for a party. i love how they turned out! i know my writing is not the best, especially compared to some people, but i really really like to write stuff. hire me to do your christmas cards this year. ;)

seattle bloggers unite (the blogger networking group i founded when we moved to washington) is alive and well after taking a six month hiatus. lisette helped plan a spring social and it turned out to be so much fun. i love bonding with my fellow social networkers -- and can't wait for our next meetups, a cupcake decorating class in may and a letterpress workshop in july! (here's lots more about the meetup, but this is a picture of one of the food tags i made for the party.)

i've also been writing baby & kid product reviews for miscfinds4u, and i've been writing a PR column for for the past couple months. i'm not doing much of any PR work right now but i'm tentatively planning to teach a workshop in utah in june, and might team up with my mom to start doing a mother-daughter blogger seminar. and, this week kicks off my half-marathon training for the seattle rock & roll half (i'm totally dreading all the time it will take!). whew! so there you go -- my very minimal nothing-to-do-with-child-rearing life at the moment.


Stephanie said...

UMM...hello! You have the best hand writing out there! I especially love those envelopes with the pink writing!!! Eek. ART!

korie said...

Hi! Just catching up on your blog! Kids are adorable as ever and so is your hand writing! Be proud lady!