Tuesday, March 1, 2011

jack meets snow

last week we had a freak snowstorm. b was out of town and i was pretty desperate for out-of-the-house activities for me & jacko, and i thought i'd introduce the kiddo to snow. he'd never been up close and personal with it despite living in utah, so we went outside to check it out.

at first he wasn't too sure.

then, like every other thing he touches, he tried to eat it:

then he decided he was done being cold [hmm, sounds like his mom]:

and THEN he tried to eat the camera.

annnd that was it.

i'll tell you one thing this kid DOES love, though -- and that is going for walks. he doesn't care how cold it is as long as he's outside and moving. he just sits in his stroller, kicking his feet and smiling the whole time. there's a really nice neighborhood of big, fancy homes across the street from our complex, and i love taking him for walks up and down their cul-de-sacs. doesn't hurt that i can daydream about getting out of our tiny apartment one day too ;)

i can't wait for spring when we get to go outside more!


Season said...

We go for walks in that neighborhood too. All the time. And there's a lot of daydreaming on my part as well. P.S. Jack's charming little jacket is melting me to goop.

lyndsey said...

thanks! it's from h&m. still a little big on him but i could care less, i love it :)

Angela and Mike said...

He is so cute! And is that a little leather jacket? Walks are the best. It's amazing what just getting outside can do to someone's mood. He is a stud.

Leandra said...

way to make the most of the snow! Love the fancy pants neighborhood- and miss it. Especially when everything keeps breaking in our house :). hooray for daydreaming!

'Hel said...

LOVE that kid!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Why do babies love walks so much? That's my fail safe with Fox. Chalk another one up to twinsies :)