Monday, July 16, 2012

beach day

on birthday eve, we headed to the beach. west seattle's coastline is the only beachy area up here that reminds me of california -- lots of sand, people skating and biking along the shore, dive-y restaurants. we met up with my friend marie, grabbed treats from bakery nouveau (i got a twice-baked chocolate croissant and yes, it was even better than you are imagining right now. yum!) and headed to the beach!

it was a BEAUTIFUL day. sometimes, seattle, you really win me over. sunny days like this make it almost worth it to deal with the year-round rain. 


in case you're wondering, jack wouldn't go near the water. whether it's a bath tub, the ocean or a pool -- he does NOT like water. an unfortunate development since i'd be happy to take him swimming at the drop of a hat, but oh well...i don't push it. i let him dig in the sand to his heart's content while i got to work on my tan. win win. 

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Roxanne said...

Are you on Alki? I can't wait to get there!