Monday, July 2, 2012

june in review

the past month has flown by in a blur of boxes, tantrums, meetings and fun. i've said it before and i'll say it again -- moving sucks. packing up my life, transporting it and having to unpack it is NOT my idea of fun [ironic, since we've moved 6 times in less than 6 years of married life] but i do like getting organized, decorating new spaces and throwing things out. so i guess it's not all bad.

i was sad to leave our old apartment behind, but we're on to bigger and better. i LOVE our new house and can't wait to show you pictures of it, once we get things put away. which might not be for a while. *ahem* :) it's so amazing to have extra space and a yard for jack to run around in. we spend most afternoons riding his scooter on the driveway, exploring our new street and playing at the park at the end of our cul de sac. suburbia does have its benefits...including awesome new neighbors who love to play with my boy. 

maybe it was the chaos of the move, maybe the terrible 2's are starting to set in -- but jack had a rough couple of days this month. i couldn't take my eyes off him for more than 10 seconds without him destroying something! but, i regrouped (with a little help from this great parenting book) and we're doing better.

despite the growing pains, jack is getting cuter and smarter every day. just this month he's surprised me with so many new tricks -- singing most of the ABCs, counting ("1, 2, 8, 9, 6, 8, 9!"), identifying colors and letters, remembering funny details from months ago. i love this monkey. 

b is working hard at his job -- but still loves to come home, play with jack and watch movies with me. we cut our cable last month and are living now with only netflix and hulu plus for entertainment...can't say i miss tv too much. i've been busy with my little side projects, as always -- still doing some traditional PR work, but i spent a lot of time this month building up my blogger consulting business. i'm teaching a workshop here in seattle in august and i'm so excited! plus, the "little" local blogger group i started last fall reached 200 facebook members in june -- it's so nice to have such a great community of colleagues here. i've also been missing all my issaquah friends, who live just 20 minutes away but it might as well be the moon -- definitely harder to call them up for random park dates when we're far apart, but so far i've lured a few girls out to the new house so i hope that keeps up. NOT looking forward to starting from scratch in the friends department out here, but i don't need to worry about that for a few more weeks since we've got vacations and other stuff coming up. plus it's been 50 degrees and raining for most of the month, so it's not like we were going to the park much anyway. 

life is good! now, if only we could get summer actually started, i'd be REALLY happy. :) 

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The Mid Life Guru said...

Love that little guy leading the pack of scooter kids.