Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend notes

I. you know what i hate most about moving? it's that awkward two month period right at the beginning when everyone you see is a new face, when you have to relearn where things are in a new grocery store, when you require GPS to go anywhere at all. we're slowly settling in over here and we've got sweet neighbors and i'm finally able to drive around town without getting lost...but, still. i drive over to issaquah to see friends and feel a little sad that we don't "belong" on that side of town anymore. and church! don't get me started on church. a giant perk of being mormon is having a huge network of fellow mormons, but a definite downside is that it encourages -- nay, forces -- you to put yourself out there and meet new people, week after week. every week when sunday comes around, i drag myself into the chapel filled with dread that i'll have to smile and make dumb small talk with people who will someday become normal, worn-in, friendly friends. oh well. after so many moves you'd think i'd be better at this, but i'm not. the only thing i've gotten better at is knowing to expect a good six-month period before we're finally settled in. having this hope allows me to cry it out a lot less than i used to. :)

II. i did manage to make one new friend (she's the relief society president, so judge for yourself whether she was obligated to befriend me or not ;) and she invited us over for dinner last night. win! so nice. while we were there, jack ate a mancala bead. fail! yes, you read that correctly -- he swallowed one of those glass beads. i was slightly panicked but since the hosts seemed like it was no big deal (and they've managed to keep FOUR children alive, as opposed to my one) and my rational thinking told me the bead wasn't sharp, wouldn't disintegrate or poison him, and would probably just come out the other end eventually -- so i chilled. i'll spare you the details, but we got the mancala bead back today. (i pride myself on jack's regularity. :) it was turquoise. i didn't keep it.

III. we had visitors this weekend AND it was b's 30th birthday! we ran ourselves ragged over the past few days and i've got lots of pictures to show you. jack did uncomfortably well for missing his nap on saturday, i'm crossing my fingers this wasn't a sign of things to come. stay tuned!


Suzana Garrett said...

haha. i hear you on making new friends - it sucks. glad that bead made its way out too. :)

Lauren Packer said...

So I'm one of those people who actually gets excited move to a new place and meet new people (obviously, we do it enough), but then about a month or two into it, I'm right there with you and absolutely crushed that I don't have 5 best friends already. It sucks.
Oh, and the twins have had "good days with no naps" many times, but they're 4 and a half and still take a 2-hour daily nap. Stand strong. It's worth it.