Monday, October 1, 2012

aunt rachie

last weekend my sister rachel came to visit! she lives in idaho and we don't get to see her nearly enough so i was reallllly excited she could come to seattle. we hit all the required tourist destinations (including the infamous gum wall, which i'd never seen before and was completely grossed out by), went shopping, met b in bellevue for lunch, made s'mores on the deck, hit up a few mommy playdates (sorry again;), took jack to the park and went to church.

but, i think my favorite part was just having her around to talk to and hang out with. plus it's nice to have someone else around who thinks jack is as amazing as we do. ;) also, my sister is really cool. she has ombre hair and chevron nail polish. way too cool for idaho. 

this was the best shot i got of the three of us together. lame. :( can you find me?:

jack has been asking for her ever since she left, and i have to admit i wish she was still around too. thanks for coming, rachie! we miss you already.

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