Saturday, October 6, 2012


dude. things have been crazy around here lately. my sister's fun visit, some more changes in the works for our little family, the most heartbreaking tragedy happening to people in our ward, sad real-life stuff happening to friends, more two-year-old tantrums and a quickie 24-hour trip to florida -- all in just the past two weeks! i've been trying to compartmentalize everything and sometimes it's just overwhelming. but lucky for me, this weekend is general conference -- one of my two favorite weekends of the year and a chance to sit back, refocus and remember that god knows me.

i've had two things on my mind the past week -- death and children. could barely believe it when so many of the conference talks today centered on exactly those two subjects. i barely even knew the roos family but so many people in our church & community have been devastated by the news (including us), so it was incredible to me that god could comfort all of us through the words spoken today. i've been thinking a lot about my kiddo, too, and what i can do to be a better mama to him; between the talks today and reading this awesome book on my flight home, i feel totally energized and ready to implement some new family goals. life is not nearly so scary and overwhelming when you have a plan, both for the day-to-day and for eternity.

but anyway. i flew to orlando on thursday, checked into a hotel, spoke at a conference on friday morning, went shopping and flew home. fastest day and a half of my LIFE but such a fun, peaceful break. i'm kind of exhausted after all that travel -- and b swears i'm never allowed to leave him as a single parent again ;) -- but it was so worth it. i did things like order room service, hang out by the pool, read a book from start to finish, and sit quietly BY MYSELF without anyone whining at me. then i came home ready to be a mom again.

on my way home, i stopped at disney world's downtown disney to do a little shopping. it totally tripped me out because a.) when i was 13 my family went there on vacation after i had dreamt of going there for years and i got soooo excited about it that i spent four full months planning the entire trip (we're talking daily lists of rides to go on, ranked in order based on their wait times at specific times of day -- yeah, cuckoo) and i have such good memories of it and b.) i can't WAITTTT to take jack to disneyland for the first time. like, i almost started crying just walking into the world of disney store because they were playing happy disney music and i'm so excited to introduce him to all of that. then it started POURING rain -- florida rain is like a nuclear bomb compared to seattle's wimpy, misty rain -- and i hopped in a taxi and headed to the airport.

and here we are. for the record, after two weeks of completely boycotting naps, jack took one every day this week. so i got that going for me. here's to re-energizing and a happy week ahead!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I too noticed a lot of the talks were about the death of children and hoped the Roos' were comforted by them. So heartbreaking.

What kinds of changes are in the works for your little family? New job? Moving? Baby? You can't leave me hanging :)

Hopefully see you not next Sunday but the next! Be there or be square!

Brandon and Erica said...

Love this post! Conference was great, wasn't it? And uhm, you are even cooler than I thought! Now you just go speak at conferences around the nation on one-day business trips like it's NBD. Dude, you made it. All of our dreaming of you and your awesome blog making it back in 2008, and look at you.

I'm like a proud mama.

Glad you had fun!