Thursday, October 25, 2012

jack's first football game

lots to catch up on around here! prepare yourselves, people. we'll start with jack's first college football game on october 13th. i was pretty sure he'd do fine at the game, considering he's thrilled any time football comes on tv and because b had taken him to a local high school game while i was out of town, but you never know. turns out he did awesome and the hardest part of the whole night was carrying his 30-pound little body to the stadium from our discount parking spot a mile away.

we went to the UW game -- but we were mostly there to see the opposing team: the USC trojans of course! i felt sort of like a traitor for not cheering the home team -- i've developed a soft spot for those huskies in the year+ we've lived here -- but let's be serious, i'll cheer red & gold no matter what. the UW stadium is being renovated so they played at century link field, where the seahawks play -- we'd never been there and loved how nice everything was! thanks to my trojan granddad, we bought tickets in the hardcore USC fan section (people who had traveled there just for the game) right behind the band and it was so much fun.

don't let jack's face fool you -- he had a great time. i think he was just overwhelmed by ALL the people and would get shy whenever we wanted to take a picture. he literally spent three quarters + halftime sitting in my lap, happily munching on snacks and watching the game. (he loves to yell "touchdown!" no matter who has the ball.) he finally got brave in the 4th quarter and climbed up and down the stairs & over the seats until it was time to go.

he was LOVING the band so we took him down to visit the drummers, but he got shy again. jack has had a thing for drumming lately (using two pencils and any piece of wood or cardboard he can find) and i totally hope he becomes a marching band drummer one day. SOMEone in this house has to continue mama's band legacy! (even if the closest i ever got to drum line was to date the line captain. ;)

then it was time to go and it only started raining once we got to our car -- perfect timing! couldn't have asked for anything better. we hit up krispy kreme for a family treat on the way home and jack talked about his donut longer than he talked about the game, so apparently next time we can skip the football part. such a fun family outing -- i love watching football with my boys. (especially when my team kicks UW's butt. ;)

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Mike and Jen said...

a soft spot for the huskies? gag. ps. no umbrella stroller? you can fold it up and put it under the seat. bam.