Wednesday, October 1, 2014

california 2014

the day after labor day, the boys and i headed to california! it was a busy trip -- we packed in a lot of activities and a LOT of sunshine from those 95 degree days. we almost melted. ;)

grammie took us on all sorts of field trips, from the LA natural history museum to irvine park to ride ponies. the boys also had a blast just playing with all of her cool toys and riding bikes down the driveway for hours on end.

lots of trips down memory lane this time too, as we drove by BOTH of me & b's LA apartments, getting my fave ice cream sandwiches at diddy riese, and meeting up with the fackrells one day for lunch. love having such good friends down there still!

best of all, b flew down for the weekend and accompanied me to las vegas for my PR workshop! it was SO much fun taking a mini road trip together and exploring vegas for 24 hours. soooo grateful to my parents for watching the boys and giving us this little getaway. 

such a fun, recharging trip -- i always feel so good after getting some time in the california homeland.

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