Wednesday, October 1, 2014

summer odds & ends

uncle grant & aunt whitney came to visit us in august! whitney had never been to seattle and we always LOVE hosting my brother, so we had fun showing them around town. jack's crush on aunt whitney is still holding strong, btw. :)

the pirate ships were back on lake washington for labor day weekend! we'd seen them sail before but never got to tour them till this year. jack had to wear his pirate gear, naturally. 

our friend rose came back to visit us, all the way from california! these kiddos are so cute. jack used to be outnumbered back when he, rose & emery were just babies together -- but now that there are two little sisters in the mix, he's toootally the low man on the totem pole. can't wait till hudson can help pull the man-weight around here. 

annnnd we got bikes! yay. made it out on our first family bike ride on the very last day of summer, just in time. can't wait for next year (and a car hitch) so we can start exploring bike paths far and wide. 

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