Wednesday, October 1, 2014

outdoors in august

time to catch up! august was a fun-filled month for us -- summer in seattle is truly the BEST time of year, and we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather to get outside as much as possible.

the first thing we checked off our summer bucket list: a family hike! we picked an easy, kid-friendly mini hike up to franklin falls, loaded hudson into our hiking backpack and were off. everyone loved it and we only had to stop for a snack break twice. :)

then, we REALLY crossed something off the bucket list by taking our very first family camping trip. i had never officially been camping before and was pretty hesitant to try it, but b was gung-ho and outfitted us over the past year with all the gear we could ever want or need. we drove up to deception pass, a beautiful spot on whidbey island, and set up camp on a thursday afternoon. 

it was so much fun. the boys LOVED our campsite -- jack jumping off rocks and exploring the woods, hudson crawling through the dirt. ;) we cooked dinner over our campfire and walked along the beach. and was nighttime. let's just say that the whole night part of our trip pretty much sucked. none of us slept, and b & i both ended up sharing our sleeping bags with a kid. other than the night, camping was awesome! we got up bright and early the next morning for a couple more hikes, had breakfast and packed up to go home. 

end verdict: i liked the whole experience way more than anticipated, and poor b came home swearing to never camp again until our kids are way older. overall, totally worth it and i have such good memories from our little family outing. 

the boys and i also got in one final berry picking day over at a farm in bellevue. it was huge, with rows and rows of blueberry bushes -- jack loved racing down the aisles with his little friend. i think it's so cool that i can teach my kids where their food comes from at such an early age. 

we loooove summer in seattle. almost makes those nine months of gray worth it. ;) 

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