Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just lately

turns out i don't have that many pictures of our trip to idaho. just imagine a lot of cows, farmland and co eds and you get the gist.

however, there were two highlights [in addition to hanging out with my fabulous sibs] which of course involved food. first up my sister took me to rexburg's only cupcakery -- it was delightful! i liked the frosting even more than the stuff from sweet tooth fairy...don't tell anyone.

then we went to dinner at a place called "big judd's." when we arrived, i almost refused to go in because we were in the middle of nowhere and it looked like some whisky tango truck stop and i was scared. but i travailed, and we went in and ordered a 4 lb. burger. SICK. look, it's bigger than rachel's head [i shared it with three others]:

seesta + brother-in-law j-dawg

granty pants didn't make it into ANY of my pictures, what the heck. so here's one off his fb page that shows his true personality, just for fun:

we DID visit him in all his freshman glory...his boy apartment smelled like dude. he loves college. i can't wait to hang out w/ these people all next week. sibs are the best.

of course it was however nice to get home and sleep in my own bed...despite the multiple tickets. thanks for the fun time, kids!

a couple weeks ago we went to a jazz game with the mba's...our seats were not really the best. that place is so steep, it makes me dizzy. but hey, we got free tickets, so who am i to complain? b also won a gift card to some swanky steakhouse, so we went there for dessert after with alex & tj and went all out. the place had name plaques on every booth, so you know it was legit. my goal is to one day get my name on a booth.

annnnd it's almost thanksgiving break! YAY. i can't wait to get home. i'll be dining at the south pas in n out at noon on tuesday with a few friends -- if you're around, COME! i've missed you all.


Angela and Mike said...

YES, I TOTALLY get dizzy when sitting up that high. Hate it!

Hooray for almost Thanksgiving.

dietcokegrrl said...

Do you mean the Alhambra In-N-Out? I pretty sure Helene and I can meet up with you. fun!

The one in Eagle Rock (on Harvey Dr) has better parking...I'm just saying. :)

Can't wait to see you!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Oh oh oh! I know where that In-N-Out is! I can see it from my "front yard"!! So I'll definitely see you there :)

Dionne said...

Mmmmmmmm In-n-out, how I miss thee!

Looks like lots of fun, and that cupcake place looks like my kind of place!

Jean said...

Mmmm, cupcakes. Mmmm, MEGA BURGER. Cute familial pictures!! And I'm excited about your visit - I'm going to try to make it to the In N Out lunch!!

Rebecs said...

Love your posts. Have fun with your family next week and let me know when you are having your dessert party!

sachia said...

Your sister looks so much like you...that is your sister right?

dana said...

yes, that burger is seriously SICK.

megan said...

i miss that place...isn't that weird? who ever thought I'd miss rexburg??

and your sis does look so much like you!