Monday, November 2, 2009

this is halloween

[barfing hands-down favorite pumpkin sighting this year.]

turns out halloween kind of sucks if a.) you don't dress up for any big parties and b.) you don't have any little kids to dress up and take trick or treating. we don't qualify for either of those this year, so halloween was kind of lame.

friday night we went to our ward's chili cookoff / trunk or treat. we are both on the activities committee so really we HAD to go [and set up and take down and all the fun stuff], but it turned out great. we ate dinner at a table full of kid-less, costume-less new friends and had a really fun time. best part was that we were cleaned up and home by 8 p.m.! most successful ward activity ever, in my opinion.

on the actual all hallow's eve, b went to the utah football game in salt lake and i stayed home to sew. i also took an ill-advised trip to the mall to get a last-minute birthday gift and saw a whoooole lot of freaky costumed people. it made me want to retreat to my apartment and stay there.

i did venture out once more to go to my new friend nichole's house [yes, i AM making friends in utah!] and we ate soup and watched my-favorite-halloween-movie-of-all-time, hocus pocus. it was fun.

maybe next year b and i will actually dress up and get more into the halloween spirit. i'm taking costume suggestions now :)


Jean said...

Sounds like a super Halloween to me!!! You got to sew, see freaky costumed people, AND eat soup with a friend. Yaaaay!!

That puking pumpkin made me laugh out loud for reals. Haha!!

Season said...

Okay...we totally need to have a sewing session. So you can tutor me. :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Nichole is an awesome awesome person and I miss her to death. Tell her hi for me and give her big hugs :) Wish I coulda been there to watch my all time favorite Halloween movie EVER.