Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thats a dealbreaker ladies

tonight i had the golden touch.

first we went to tj maxx to return a coat i bought two weeks ago but decided against. [this whole buying-clothes-for-winter thing is much harder than it looks.] naturally i'd lost the receipt, and when i tried to explain this to the moronic teenage boy behind the counter he refused to do a store credit. also his voice sounded like minnie mouse on helium.

so i asked for the manager, who approved my store credit on the spot thank you very much.

then on the way to sunflower market, b made an impulse decision that he needed a hot-fresh-now krispy kreme, so we hit the drive thru. instead of giving us two glazed and one pumpkin spice we got TWO pumpkin spice & one regular, so i ran back in to ask to switch a donut out. [for him, not for me. i'm not into sweets right now for reasons i will explain in a future post.]

not only did i get my second glazed -- the lady filled the box and i exited with a complimentary half-dozen. WOOT.

and THEN i saw this -- in n out, just about to open, less than a mile from our apartment. almost feels like home!:

yeah. basically i'm in a phase to get HOOKED UP. guess i'm a deal-maker these days.


Amy said...

Maybe you need to run across the border and buy a lottery ticket! I love days such as these - I live for them! I hope you survive this winter by finally finding a warm and fashionable coat!

Nicholas said...

dude. seriously, about buying winter clothes. sucks!

Jean said...

SERIOUSLY. You are rocking the phatty hook-up right now. Keep it up!!! And I love Krispy Kreme too. Their hot glazed makes my mouth water. :-)

La La Land said...

I can't wait for that In-N-Out to open. It's going to be crazy. Also, you should know that that is ALWAYS how returns at that TJ Maxx go. I always just ask for a manager to begin with, because all of the pimple faced employees can't do squat without a manager. Glad you held your guns!!!!

Oh, and can't wait to find out why you are avoiding sweets!

Dionne said...


You sure are running into freebies and good deals lately! Now you need to go to Vegas, hahaha.

dietcokegrrl said...

Ugh! Returning ANYTHING to TJ Maxx is such a pain! Glad you got your store credit.

And I LOVE it when places give you a little extra for their mistake--YAY Krispy Kreme.

And YAY for In-N-Out about to open...Laura is right. It will be C R A Z Y.

And can I guess here why you're off sweets? (although I'm not sure eating a glazed donut counts as "being off sweets").

Type 2 diabetes?
All sugared out from Halloween candy?

Those are my three guesses. ha!

megan said...

that's the way to do it! saving money is the BEST! I agree, go buy a lottery ticket! :-)

sachia said...

TJ's sorry to hear they are giving you grief. I really don't run into problems there so I am sorry bout that. I think they see me coming and make a decision not to mess with that one! I can be scary.

Mary Martha said...

I had the same guy help me at TJ max the other day. I thought for sure he was on helium for Halloween. I feel so bad for the guy. I was shocked when I saw in and out. That is going to dominate.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Score!! You just have that natural charm and aura about you :)

The Facks of Life said...

You deserve some sunshine in your dark world right now. :) Glad to hear you have a little balance in your life.

Words of encourgement, by Niki Fackrell:

The warm Pasadena weather is calling your name, only two weeks away from putting away the winter clothes for a week, hanging with the Fatgirls and feasting on our "already opened in n out." Trader Joe's will be a must too!

I'll be thinking of salty treats I can make you...glazed donuts will come later! :)