Monday, November 30, 2009


tonight b took me on a super romantic dinner-date -- to a gas station. i told him it was one of my most memorable outings. [in all fairness, i had been craving subway, and the one by our house had a line out the door. so he said "i know another one!" and drove me to the subway inside the gas station at the mouth of provo canyon. it was sooo romantic...but actually kind of fun. and it wasn't THAT had its own seating area and everything.]

then we went grocery shopping, which was much needed because we had returned to a kitchen that contained only tortillas and frozen edamame. mundane date nights with my husband are actually one of my favorite kinds; i love hanging out with him.

then we came home and i finally unpacked from our trip. i felt productive.

and then i caught up on email while my saintly husband put the dishes away. in the process, one of the studs popped off our shoddy cupboard shelf and two of my olive green ceramic bowls went crashing to the floor in a million pieces. this is SAD. i always feel an empty loss when a dish dies... like it was part of the family. is that weird? anyway, these bowls are from target [wedding gifts] and they are deep and the PERFECT size for cereal or ice cream [two things we eat a lot of in this house]. so RIP green bowls. i miss you already.

and here we are. i'm going to bed. too much excitement for one night.


Jean said...

What a fabulous evening!! I love making fun out of something weird or ghetto (like eating at a gas station). You guys rock. And I'm so sorry about the bowls - I know, that hurts. :-( You guys should have a little memorial service, and maybe someone can play taps while you bury the remains.

Brandon and Erica said...

That gas station is actually quite nice if you ask me. And if you sit outside on their little benches, you can have a nice view of the Provo canyon ;).

Those bowls once fed me delicious dessert. You will be missed for all of your goodness, bowls.

Season said...

Okay. I've been married just over a year and we've already had to bid farewell to three of our nice glass cups that were given as a wedding gift. Each time has been equally painful, so I feel ya. I hear it gets worse as a family grows.

megan said...

i hate it when I lose a dish too! especially a fav!

and subway sounds really good right now...gas station and all